Thursday, September 23, 2021

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Boosie Badazz Under Fire After Soliciting Fans On Public Assistance To Commit Food Stamp Fraud After Asking Fans To Give Him Food Stamps For Cash

Another day, another Boosie post. The man knows how to keep his name in the headlines, and the sad truth is it doesn’t require much work for him. The Louisiana rap legend is always raw and unfiltered, which translates to viral gold in the social media age. While his IG was recently deleted for slapping a man in a viral bts clip, Boosie seems to be back up and running and make viral content yet again from a new instagram account.

The viral video featured Boosie and DaBaby on the set of an upcoming collaboration. They approach the counter of a convenient store where a man is standing. He mumbles a question to Boosie who responds by slapping him to the floor.

Boosie’s come under fire a few times this year. His now imfamous Vlad TV interviews have been an endless source for funny comments. He made his thoughts on Lori Harvey an internet hot topic back in February. Boosie was bothered by her “body count” and went on to list the famous men she’s been with before dismissing her worth as nothing more than hype thanks to her association to more successful people. This opinion followed him across several interviews where he went on to compare Lori to a used car and call her current boyfriend Michael B Jordan a “simp”.

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Boosie also continues to be an enemy to the LGBTQIA+ community thanks to comments made on Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union’s child Zaya Wade. Shortly after Zaya came out as trans, Boosie took to his social media to share his thoughts. In the time since he’s backtracked a few times, but most recently Dwyane actually thanked him in an interview admitting that people like Boosie help keep the conversations going, which helps spark change.

In his latest IG antic, Boosie asked his fans for food stamps.

“Boosie announcement, service announcement,” he said. “You got food stamps, I’m trying to get them b*tches. I’ma f*ck witcha gang. You see me in the streets, pull up. I’ma cash you out. You got food stamps, I’ma f*ck witcha gang. When you see me in the streets, you see me at a concert, you tryna get some cash, bring me them food stamps.”

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In the caption to his since-deleted video, Boosie said he’s trying to save money on groceries. “GROCERIES THEN TURNED INTO CHILD SUPPORT EVERY MONTH,” he added. The Shaderoom was able to get a screen recording before he took it down. Check it out below.

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