Boosie Badazz Wants To Know Why Black Men Only Date White Women Who Look Like Missy Piggy, Says White Men Always Have The Baddest Black Women

Lil Boosie speaks out on interracial dating in a recent installment of Vlad TV. He and Vlad are always going viral for their candid opinions on everything in pop culture. While Boosie tends to be on the wrong side of public opinion, he might have brought himself some favor as he said some important things about colorism and why black women like Serena Williams are important to the culture. He also made some not so flattering comparisons about black men that prefer to date white women or lighter skinned woman.

Boosie usually come across as a bit of a misogynist with his opinions on women. Lori Harvey in particular was a popular topic for Boosie and Vlad, who compared her to a used car and criticized her for dating several famous men. In a previous interview with Vlad, Boosie was questioned about his thoughts on Harvey. “Lets go down her body count” said Vlad. They began to list men she’d been connected with, including Trey Songz, Louis Hamilton, Future, Diddy, his son Justin Combs and now Michael B Jordan.

Things quickly shifted to her worth as a woman, with Boosie claiming women like Lori do not deserve the credit and praise they receive. Instead, it should be the men that put these women in the spotlight and name drop them in songs that are the true winners. “We gotta start giving the bachelors, the men, who running through women like this, the credit.” He also said that while he would never marry her, he would most definitely still sleep with her.

He also shared some thoughts on the newly public ASAP Rocky and Rihanna. Advising that ASAP should “put a baby” in Rihanna to lock her down. “Everybody got a fantasy, and Rihanna was a fantasy of mine” he told Vlad. However he wishes the couple well, even thinking if ASAP wants to keep her he needs to hurry up and put a ring on it. 

In their latest sitdown, Boosie singles out black men that prefer to date white women. “A white man, you see him in the airport, he got the baddest black b*tch you seen in three years,” he yelled, “but the black dude got a white girl look like mother f—ing Miss Piggy! I don’t understand that sh*t! I swear to God. If we gone get the white girls, we gotta do better.” He also pointed out how this contributes to colorism and black women bleaching their skin, before using Serena Williams as an example. “I like my beautiful Black women,” Boosie states. “I posted Serena. Like, bruh. Serena, we need you right now. We need your face to be Black, like for real.”

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