Brandon T. Jackson Claims He’s Been Delivered Since Wearing A Dress & God Has Forgiven Him For Being Gay Character In Movie

Brandon T. Jackson got some attention earlier today for his thoughts on a recent Kevin Hart film where the famous comedian donned a dress. Jackson has been vocal over the years about his regrets in Hollywood and how he felt like certain roles have cursed him or put him at odds with his beliefs. In 2019, he confessed to feeling as if God was upset with him for a gay character he played in Tropic Thunder.

Brandon T. Jackson is an actor and comedian best known for his roles in Roll Bounce, Lottery Ticket, Percy Jackson and the Big Momma’s House franchise. Jackson feels the last mentioned role also destroyed his very promising career in Hollywood. In it, he and Martin Lawrence both got up in drag to play the father/son duo undercover as two women.

Speaking from this experience, he called out Kevin Hart’s scene wearing a dress saying “Love you bro, but I walked away from this and now, Yah will exalt my horn is HIS name. You are gonna have to sit down for a while in the spiritual penalty box!! Yah is mad at you, but I’ll help you through it brother.”

In a 2019 interview with Comedy Hype, Jackson claims this role completely ruined his career. “Everything went wrong when I put on that dress” he says in the interview. He looked at his career at the time before Big Momma and the time after. He recalls it as a negative changing point in his career and says his personal life was in shambles. While he acknowledges that it was the height of his career and that he was honored playing Martin Lawrence son.

In another instance of Jackson speaking out against a role, the star references his Tropic Thunder character Alpa Chino. Chino was a rapper and actor who had not yet come out of the closet but acknowledges his feelings for a friend named Lance in one of the films big scenes. He spoke with TMZ regarding the film and how he felt he “was on thin ice then with the father”.

“But he had his mercy. His grace was there,” Jackson concluded, going on to add that he doesn’t have regrets about “his journey”. In the time since he’s realized that the “power source is from the most high god of Israel,” and suggested that he would not make similar choices today.

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