‘Brotherhood Is Real, Love Is Real’: Dave Chapelle Drops Everything And Comes To Kanye West’s Rescue, Following His Twitter Break Down

What’s been going on with Kanye West seems to be no laughing matter. After a now-deleted rash of tweets last night (July 20) that seemed to indicate Kanye had dealt with his wife Kim trying to get a doctor to see him, Kanye seemed to be spiraling. Today however brings Dave Chappelle for a visit that Ye shared to Twitter.

Kanye seems to be having a rough few days and the Internet has been working overtime to track Kanye’s mental health, his pronouncements about running for the Presidency and his deleted tweets. Along with that however, they’ve also been worried about the Kardashians and how they’ve been responding to Kanye’s troubles.

Fans on Reddit are definitely wondering if Kanye’s particular brand of antics are ultimately going to bring down his aspirational wife along with himself. “I think they are far too successful at this point and have way too many blind, almost cult like fans,” said a popular thread on the site, with others agreeing underneath. Lastly, another user seemed to be referencing the fact that TMZ reported Kanye was in the middle of an “episode,” referring to Kanye’s openness about his battle with being bipolar.

“That is probably the only thing that would make Kim divorce Kanye. If its bad for the brand. Kanye can continue to have his mental episodes, if they can keep it under wraps. The minute the brand takes a hit, Kim will strongly consider leaving Kanye to keep her brand intact,” noting the fact that all of the uproar and furor could also be monetized for either of their respective platforms.

After his disastrous first “campaign rally” seemed to go awry and cause him even more issues, Kanye seems to have gone back to his ranch in Wyoming to recuperate and gather his wits about him. Despite holding a rally in South Carolina, Politico is reporting that West failed to qualify in time and missed the deadline for the state’s ballot.

While there’s been some statements or anything from Kim Kardashian about Kanye’s struggles, it seems at least one celebrity friend has stepped up to the plate and gone to sit with and see Kanye in person, in hopes of checking on his well-being. Comedian Dave Chappelle pulled up on Kanye, though the whole exchange felt very awkward, as noted by the Internet.

“Dave, please just make us smile,” said Kanye in the video he posted to his Twitter account. “The world needs some joy. We need to smile.” Dave Chappelle steps forward and says, “Brotherhood is real, love is real,” seeming to indicate his genuine love and care for West. West, however, then tells Chappelle “Wait a second, I’m still not smiling.” Everyone laughs before Dave Chappelle gives up, saying that he’s only had a “singular” cup of coffee.

It’s a moment of levity during the saga that is the story of Kanye West and one that many on the Internet were glad to see after Kanye’s dark past few days.

See the clip below.

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