Caesar Emanuel Accused Of Slapping Teen Daughter With Cease & Desist Court Doc To Keep Her Mouth Shut, Denies Claims During Press Conference

Casar Emanuel is the founder of tattoo parlor Black Ink and star of its accompanied series Black ink Crew. Since January of 2013, we’ve followed him, his friends, family and staff on their wild adventures as the struggle to manage work and the life of an in demand tattoo artist. For Emanuel this has meant a lot of evolution over the years, and a lot of his personal life being put on display for the sake of good television. Well, like with all reality shows, sometimes the drama is really real and spills over into the casts actually lives in massive waves. Case in point, Emanuel is currently suing his baby mother, and is acused of hitting his 16 year old daughter with a cease and desist court document. He did a press conference today to clear up what exactly is going on.

Just a couple days ago we reported that Emanuel was found guilty of child neglect of his teenage daughter in the state of New York. It is alleged that emanuel pulled his 16 year old daughter Cheyenne out of the shower at 2am and proceeded to [whoop] her. His daughter took to social media to vent about what happened.

Meanwhile her mother Crystal gave an exclusive interview with The Shade Room where she talked about the incident futher. “There has to be accountability and ownership on what has transpired between (Ceaser) and our daughter,” she said. There is ABSOLUTELY no excuse for any man to [hit] a woman especially his teen daughter,” Crystal tells us. “This is just plain abuse. Period. He needs to take accountability for what he has done. Secondly, for any woman in a relationship with a man who has a child, there is no reason or right for her to give any opinion on the child. Period!” 

According to the website of his attorney Mosley & associates, “The BIC lead only sued Crystal Torres for repeating and elaborating the claim that their 17-year-old daughter Cheyenne made in January that her father pulled her out of the shower and put his hands on her. Ceaser has explained that the statement is a lie and that he merely disciplined his daughter by taking away some of the things he bought for her.”  Now he’s taking legal action, filing a lawsuit for defamation against the mother of his daughter, Crystal.

Cesar hit his daughter and baby mother with a cease and desist because he felt his daughter was being corrupted, and that the “lies” her and her mother have been spreading have resulted in the lost of an endorsement as well as suspension of filming for his show.

 Mosely & Associates elaborated: “Caeser explains that he provided Crystal a letter from the GA Fulton County Dept. of Family & Children Services clearing him of any charges. Despite the evidence provided, she has continued to smear his name on various online platforms, which resulted in lost endorsement deals and having to put his massive VH1 reality show on pause due to an internal investigation.

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