Candace Owens Announces Birth Of Baby Boy, Gets Dragged On Twitter

Controversial conservative political pundit Candace Owens’s life has just changed and is en route to learning a firsthand lesson on what it is to be the mother to a black child in America.  Her divisive statements have caused much ire on social media and many label Owens a “self-hating African American woman”.  Owens took to Instagram back in August to make the announcement of her pregnancy but also took time to berate those who support abortion while calling out certain celebrities.

“Today it’s become fashionable for narcissistic celebrities, to perpetuate such brainwash amongst their fans,” Owens said in the lengthy August 28th, 2020 Instagram caption of her pregnancy announcement.  Stating that in high school she was “lied to” and “brainwashed into believing that it was my body, and therefore, simply, my choice,” Owens began to shoot fire at Miley Cyrus and The Good Place actress Jameela Jamil.

“Like @mileycyrus, posing half-naked with her tongue out over a cake that reads ‘abortion’. Like @jameelajamilofficial, tweeting to scores of vulnerable young girls about how ‘proud’ she is of an earlier abortion from her teen years,” she wrote.  “Years ago, I would have thought these women were heroic feminists. Today I know that they are anything but.”

Her announcement brought on congratulations from many supporters of hers, including Donald Trump Jr.  “Congrats Candace,” he commented, “Amazing.”  Simultaneously, many dragged Owens for her decision to bash women for their choices.  “You ruin everything….even a pregnancy announcement,” commented one user.  

Another criticized her for coming at women who have undergone abortions for whatever reasoning, and for including actress Jameela Jamil in her post.  “You publicly condemn a girls teenage decision and how she might feel about it and deal with it as an adult – but then leave the message that change and transformation is possible – so at you condemning Jameel or reaching out in compassion and help to heal the wounds of her past decisions,” they wrote.  

Owens is married to hedge fund employee George Farmer, who is a white man.  

Together, they are now the proud parents of a baby boy.  “It’s true what they say— the whole world stops when your child is born,” she tweeted.  Owens revealed the baby was born January 13, 2021 and shared a Bible verse.

“‘Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him’ -Psalm 127:3,” she wrote.  

Owen’s received a ton of supports from fans, but also received criticism from twitter users who

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