Cardi B Ask Fans To Help Identify Man, Now Being Accused Of Offering $10,000 Bounty, Rapper Claps Back Says She Only Wants Information

“WAP” hitmaker Cardi B wants answers. She took to social media last night to ask her fans for help in identifying a man that she states held her cousin hostage after asking for a ride. The star offered followers $10k for any help they could provide.

She took to her instagram stories last night. In the video she asked “you guys got any information over that lovely man that i posted.? I cannot see DM’s, all of them, so just tag me in the pictures. Make sure your page is not private, and tag me, and yeah.”

The internet quickly began accusing Cardi of “breaking code” for going on social media with the request, even stating that the star was putting a bounty on the man’s head. She first took to twitter to clarifying stating “I’m not putting a bounty just want some info and if I did this man put a gun on somebody’s head rob them,and kept them hostage !”

Today in her stories, she did more damage control giving her over 81 Million followers more details on why she needed the name. “So I want to make this clear for the dumb people in the back that aren’t that bright. the reason i posted the picture of that man is because I want information on that man. Cause I feel like the cops is not moving fast enough.”

“There’s good people in this world. Theres people that are just extremely sweet, extremely nice. My cousin, he’s a christian. he’s a really nice person.” She continues This man was stuck around the highway. this guy flagged my cousin. he was like i need a ride cause i’m stuck. my cousin said imma drop you at the gas station. So when my cousin was giving him a ride, he put a [weapon] on his head. started putting a [weapon] on his chest. he robbed him. made him continue driving for 30 minutes. My cousin gave the pictures to the cops and everything but i just feel like they’re taking a long time. F—ing social media you can find anything and anybody.” She went on “no i’m not going to get the guy beat up and K***d. if my cousin needs the information, imma give him the information so he can give to the boys.”

She went on to remind people that she is “a million dollar woman with a kid and responsibilities.” “I’m not that dumb!” 

She also compare the situation and her request for help to what happened on the January 6th Capitol Hill Riots. “Yall was doing the same thing with the capital rioters. Yall was putting they information, all of that. so whats wrong? someone almost k***d my cousin.”

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