Cardi B Tells Parents To Take Responsibility For Their Own Children and Stop Blaming Her WAP Performance

Cardi B has a message for critics and parents who have found issues with her Grammy performance.  The Bronx rapper took the stage at Sunday night’s ceremony in Los Angeles where she and Megan Thee Stallion debuted the first-ever live showing of their megahit, “WAP”. 

Hailed by many as the best performance of the night, there were those that found the performance to be too racy.  Cardi B and Megan, who was a three-time Grammy Award winner this year, have faced criticism for the song ever since its release.  Following their Grammy performance, the door was open wide again for debate. 

President of the Parents Television Council (PTC) Tim Winters wrote in a statement that WAP “was entirely unfit for a primetime network television broadcast.”  Right-Wing Conservative Comedian Tim Young offered commentary of his own, stating that the song’s lyrics are “more welcome in some schools than Dr. Suess books.”   

Cardi took to Twitter to respond to Young’s statements, offended that she would be compared to the drama surrounding six books in the Dr. Suess catalog.  “When has a school made kids read the lyrics to wap? I get it wap might be a lil vulgar but stop comparing a sensual song to books that has RACIST content,” Cardi B tweeted. “How can ya not tell the difference? I see that common sense aint that common.” 

She added, “Conservatives been making viral tweets comparing WAP to the banning of some of Dr. Seuss’s books as if there are any correlations between the two.” 

Instead of ignoring all of the criticism, Cardi further addressed the backlash with a subliminal post on her Instagram.  The 28-year-old Bronx native shared a video clip of a Family Guy episode where Peter is “breaking the fourth wall” as he discusses the responsibilities that parents have to their children as it pertains to television programming.   “Americans listen up,” she captions the post. 

“I agree, Lois. Like, for instance, if you’re watching a TV show and you decide to take your values from that… you’re an idiot,” Peter says in the Family Guy clip.  “Maybe you should take responsibility for what values your kids are getting. Maybe you shouldn’t be letting your kids watch certain shows in the first place if you have such a big problem with them, instead of blaming the shows themselves.” The clip then ends with a simple “Yeah…” 

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