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People Are Now Using Q-Tips To Protect Themselves From Contracting COVID-19 and Other Viruses While Touching Public Keypads and Touchscreens

There’s a big, big reason that one of the main orders you’ve heard from public officials is “wash your hands.” Washing your hands is the easiest, quickest defense against the coronavirus during the middle of this COVID-19 outbreak. Thanks to our opposable thumbs, humans have the ability to grab items, making our hands very useful. […]

Prayers Up for Cardi B: Female Rapper Was Hospitalized Last Night After Emergency Room Visit Due To Stomach Pains

Rapper Cardi B has been trying to weather the coronavirus lockdown as best as she can like the rest of us, going live with her fans and keeping us all laughing with her usual antics. She’s been very open on her social media – even outspoken. One of her live videos, as a matter fact, […]

Fans Unfollow Lil Nas X After Rapper Admitted To The World He Was Never Gay On Twitter As An April Fools’ Joke

With “Old Town Road” finally starting to cool off after a volcanic year, Lil Nas X is no doubt plotting his next moves in music and whatever else he wants. Capping the year off with a Dorito’s campaign was also icing on the cake but now Lil Nas X is starting to backtrack on one […]

A List Of All Celebrities Who Have Tested Positive For Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Well, it seems as if this Coronavirus is spreading even among the rich and famous, so you know it’s a wrap for the rest of us. The ramifications of COVID-19 are starting to impact Americans across the board, finally. With the delayed response to the growing outbreak — now officially an pandemic, according to the […]

NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley Tested for Coronavirus After Feeling Ill, Currently Under Self Quarantine

NBA legend and sports commentator with NBA on TNT may have contracted Coronavirus while traveling for work, he shared on the air live when calling into his own show. This comes just as Barkley had risked his job after suggesting that March Madness, the NCAA tournament, be canceled. Charles Barkley reveals he fell ill and […]

10-year old Kid Handcuffed, Finger Printed and Charged With A Class 5 Felony After Pretending To Play Fortnite’ With A Toy Gun Outside

You wonder why kids stay indoors these days? Well, stories like this show you why. A Fort Carson, Colorado woman is telling her 10-year-old son’s story after he was handcuffed, arrested and charged with a Class 5 felony of Felony Menacing for playing outside with a broken nerf gun. 10-year-old Gavin Carpenter was outside playing […]

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian’s Sibling Rivalry Gets Physical in New Video

The 18th season of the hit E! show Keeping Up with the Kardashians is premiering on March 26th but fans were offered a sneak peek at the explosive new season via a new trailer that has been released. Amidst news at the end of the previous season that there were soon to be changes, emotions in the clan have […]

Arrest Warrant Issued for Odell Beckham Jr. After Video Shows Locker Room Butt Slap – Video

Cleveland Browns superstar NFL footballer Odell Beckham, Jr. is in hot water after making an appearance at the CFP National Championship game recently. A judge has issued a warrant for his arrest on the charge of simple battery after he slapped a police officer on the butt. While celebrating with the Louisiana State University football […]

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