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Megan Thee Stallion and Trey Songz Start Dating Rumors Following Singers Birthday Celebration

For most of Trey Songz’s career, his fans have been wanting to know if the boisterous R&B singer is single, or who the lucky lady may be in his life.  The self-proclaimed “Mister Steal Yo Girl” has been the object of many women’s affection, but much of his private dating …

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Pregnant Mother Of Six Accused Of Stealing Actress Taraji P. Henson’s Identity

If you come for Cookie, you best not miss. That should be the new quote. The sage television advice originally delivered by Michael K. Williams’ Omar Little on The Wire, substituted “King” in place of “Cookie”, but these are different times that call for different solutions. Allegedly, Alicia Newby, a …

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Actress Tichina Arnold Dragged After Calling Out Black People For Turning On Black Men When They’re Down

Tichina Arnold may have played a stern, do-right mom in her 2000’s hit show “Everybody Hates Chris”, but it appears in real life she’s a little less in tuned with what is right. Like many other celebrities before her, the “Martin” star is not 100% on board with holding famous …

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