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‘I Had To Remind 50 Cent He Was Black’: Chelsea Handler Tells Rapper He Can’t Vote Trump Because He’s Black, Says She’s Willing to Pay His Taxes

50 Cent is finally worried about ‘writing a check that his mouth can’t cash’ but Chelsea Handler has proffered her bag as a financial backstop so to speak.  Last week, while watching a CNBC infographic about the tax implications for residents of different states under a hypothetical Joe Biden presidential victory, the rapper and actor […]

Mark Curry Accuses Steve Harvey Of Stealing His Material, Steve Harvey Tells Comedian To Get A Career, Get A Life and Do Something

Mark Curry and Steve Harvey were among a bevy of comedians in the African American community that was tearing up the scene in the 90s.  The two’s resumes have quite a bit of similarity as well, having either performed in the same venues or worked in the same capacity.  Both have performed stints as hosts […]

Reality Star Nene Leakes Arranging To Coach Presidential Candidate Joe Biden For Next Debate, Says He Needs ‘Reading’ Lesson After Trump Attacked His Son

It’s fitting that NeNe Leakes wants to coach the Democratic nominee Joe Biden in his next debate against the oversized President Trump. After a debate unlike any ever seen, many wonder what the next one will look like. Shade Queen NeNe Leakes thinks she can make the difference in Biden’s strategy, seeing that she’s in […]

Rapper Rick Ross ‘Gifts’ Tory Lanez With New Car After Singer Blast Megan Thee Stallion, Congratulates Him For Going ‘Double Acrylic On DafPiff’

Now that the truth still isn’t out there, despite Tory Lanez dropping an album around it, many fans are even more confused as to how they can process all of the events around two of their favorite musicians. Now, other artists are weighing in on Tory’s response, or lack thereof. View this post on Instagram […]

‘What Would I Do With All That’: Actress Garcelle Beauvais Reveals Jamie Foxx Is “Hung Like A Horse” After Actor Alleges The Two Should Have Been Together

Garcelle Beauvais has been visible in Hollywood for over two decades, with many remembering the Haitian American actress from her many television roles over the years. Many remember her as Francesca “Fancy” Monroe from The Jaime Foxx Show, which ran in the late 90’s. Now, she’s dishing on her old co-star’s other assets outside of […]

‘I Don’t Know Her’: Mariah Carey Claims She Still Doesn’t Know Who Jennifer Lopez Is, Denies Her Existence and Name In Memoir Years Laters

Mariah Carey’s been spilling all the tea as she prepares for her memoirs to be released on September 29th. The “elusive chanteuse” has been singing like a bird for rollout and even sat down with Oprah recently to discuss some of the heavier topics in her book. Of course, there’s gossip here too and one […]

‘Im Not Crazy’: Dave Chappelle Reveals Prince Was The Only Person Who ‘Cared’ After He Quit Series, Says Singer Helped Him Realize He Wasn’t Crazy

Dave Chappelle is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated living comedians.  The stand-up comedian, actor, writer, and producer’s 28-year career has spanned massive successes, which also included his highly popular sketch comedy show “The Chappelle Show”, which ended up being a source of contention for Chappelle. View this post on Instagram A post shared by […]

Rapper Da Brat Reveals Being Cheated On By Ex-NBA Baller Allen Iverson, Says She ‘Molly-Whooped’ Female In Hotel Over Him

Rapper Da Brat has had a full 2020, with this year being the moment that she decided to come out of the closet despite her decades-long music career. The platinum rapper sat down with an old friend to dish about their shared ATL career origins, the music business and of course, Da Brat’s recent life […]

Singer Brandy Continues 26-Year Feud With ‘Bitter’ Thea Vitale After Ladies Exchange Insults On Twitter, Following Comedian Publicly Supporting Monica During Verzuz Battle

Brandy has been having a pretty cool summer as the R&B icon has been celebrating the release of AND heavy on the promo trail for her latest album “B7”.  The “Borderline” singer released her latest album on July 31 and saw a debut at number 12 on the Billboard 200 chart. The latest effort also […]

Comedian Chris Rock Reveals He Currently Seeing Two Therapist Seven Hours Weekly After Being Diagnosed With Nonverbal Learning Disorder

You know the age-old saying: you learn something new every day.  In comedian Chris Rock’s case, it couldn’t ring more true, as he’s been learning more and more about himself, even at the age of 55.  The “Top Five” star interviewed with “Hollywood Reporter” recently to speak on his involvement in “Fargo” and he opened […]

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