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‘I Don’t Like Drama’: Female Hip Hop Artist Megan Thee Stallion Is Now Calling Out Rapper Cardi B Feud Rumors, Calling It Fake Beef

It seems as if all is not on the up and up in the land of female hip-hop, as two of its biggest stars seem to be beefing while the pandemic is going on. With everyone locked in the house, are temperatures running high, is it album promotion or are the two biggest rappers of […]

Prayers Up for Cardi B: Female Rapper Was Hospitalized Last Night After Emergency Room Visit Due To Stomach Pains

Rapper Cardi B has been trying to weather the coronavirus lockdown as best as she can like the rest of us, going live with her fans and keeping us all laughing with her usual antics. She’s been very open on her social media – even outspoken. One of her live videos, as a matter fact, […]

Fans Unfollow Lil Nas X After Rapper Admitted To The World He Was Never Gay On Twitter As An April Fools’ Joke

With “Old Town Road” finally starting to cool off after a volcanic year, Lil Nas X is no doubt plotting his next moves in music and whatever else he wants. Capping the year off with a Dorito’s campaign was also icing on the cake but now Lil Nas X is starting to backtrack on one […]

Newly Single Neyo Is Searching For A Quarantine Bae, Spotted In The Comment Section Of A Popular Flexibility Trainer

Singer Neyo has been on a proverbial world tour, promoting his latest single “Pinky Ring,” in which he talks about why he’s now single – having split from his recent wife of four years recently. Before self-isolation became a government order, Neyo was out here in the streets, getting his single life. Won’t no isolation […]

Megan Thee Stallion and Tyga Both Want A “Freak” in New Video

Tyga’s signed a new record deal with Columbia Records and is off to an expensive start with his latest single “Freak” – which features currently sizzling female rapper Megan Thee Stallion. It’s Tyga’s first since December and he’s back with a vengeance and making it very clear what he wants. Very clear. Teaming with producer […]

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