Cardi B Reminds Conservatives Melania Trump Used To Sell Her WAP Before Becoming First Lady, After Facing Backlash From Song

While many are lauding what seems to be Cardi’s follow up run to her massive debut album Invasion of Privacy, the explicit nature of the song, even with the censored hook in the song’s video, is causing a bit of an uproar. As people continue to call out her lyrics, …

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TV Host Wendy Williams Addresses Rumors Of Dating Whitney Houston’s Ex, Robyn Crawford

“Everybody gets a turn” is a phrase used on a occasion in many circles. It underlies the twists of fate that seem universal as they encroach upon the lives of everyone at some point or another: a trial, a dilemma, grief, pain, or being the target of some fallacious rumor. …

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Actress Tichina Arnold Dragged After Calling Out Black People For Turning On Black Men When They’re Down

Tichina Arnold may have played a stern, do-right mom in her 2000’s hit show “Everybody Hates Chris”, but it appears in real life she’s a little less in tuned with what is right. Like many other celebrities before her, the “Martin” star is not 100% on board with holding famous …

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