Chad Ochocinco Dragged For Pushing His Teen Daughter To Get A Job While Attending High School & Playing Sports, Says He Had One and Maintained A 2.2 GPA

Chad Ochocinco always has some colorful commentary to offer the world. The successful athlete is world renowned for his talent on the field and mouth off of it. He has been named one of the most influential athletes on social media by CNBC and and played for 11 seasons in the NLF before ending his career in 2012. This week he’s opened up on his parenting and expectation for his teen daughter. Ochocinco was famously not known for being a great student himself, and some people don’t like the unfair pressure he’s putting on the hard working teen.

Despite the pretty fortune his probably amassed as a successful athlete, Ochocinco is determined to show his kids the value of a dollar. Ochocinco has already opened up about the kind of children he wants to raise. We reported on the father of 8 back in February and the women he chose to have children with based on their physical characteristics during an interview with “Bussin’ With The Boys”. Ochocinco responded “You know what… I think about what I did. Everyone I had a child with is based on their DNA and athletic background.” He continued It had nothing to do with how fine you were or how you looked.” He added, “I don’t care anything about ‘bad b****es’ and all that s**t. If I wanted models…I don’t want f***in’ models. I want f***in’ athletes… What’d you do in high school? Show me some f***in’ tape.”

Well he’s succeeded in “breeding” atheletes. He currently has a son, his namesake, who plays football at Arizona State, and a daughter named Cha’iel who ran the 400 meters in 54 seconds as a 14-year-old. Now 15, she’s almost faster than her former NFL-playing dad and a major track prospect.

Johnson said that it all worked out because his kids are all athletic and good at what they do in their respective sports and crafts. They also all have their head on straight, which he says is thanks to their mothers.

“I have no issues. None of them were like I was,” he said. “I wouldn’t even say it’s a testament to me. It’s a testament to their moms not playing that sh-t.”

Despite being proud of their athletic achievements, Ochocinco still wants his kids to work hard in other departments. He recently shared a screen shot of one of his daughters asking for him to purchase some Yeezy’s for her. Ochocinco responded by asking the teen why hasn’t she found a job yet.

Letting her father know she planned to get one right after graduating and had too much on her plate right now, Ocho Cinco fired back, “I caught the bus to school, then went to football practice, caught the bus to McDonald’s for a 6hr shift all while maintaining a 2.2 gpa & being a star athlete.”

He captioned the exchange, “Parenting 101: kids don’t understand the sacrifices it takes”

Its not clear if the daughter in question is Cha’iel Johnson, but fans were not here for him giving the teen a hard time. Others pointed out that a 2.2 is not a great GPA. “Why would you want your child to have to struggle.” said one response. “C average isn’t good.”

Ochocinco followed up the post with another exchange with his daughter, revealing the two were only trolling everyone and laughing at the responses from social media.

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