Chad Ochocinco, Father Of 7 Claims He Only ‘Breeds’ With Athletic Women, Refuses To ‘Mate’ With Models

Chad Ochocino wants you to know he’s got some preferences. The former NFL wide receiver has been known to be a ladies man throughout his career. He’s dated ‘Basketball Wives’ Star Evelyn Lozada, and is currently engaged to Sharelle Rosado. He’s a father of 7, so the man obviously knows his way around the bedroom.

While the high life of being and NFL star might come with its fair share of models and beautiful women, Ochocino recently revealed those are not the type of woman he naturally gravitates towards, especially when it comes to the mothers of his kids.

He sad down on “Bussin’ With The Boys” recently. Their tag line “By the boys, for the boys” rang true as Ochocino and company let loose with all the locker room talk usually reserved for just the guys. When asked about having multiple baby mothers, host Taylor Lewan was curious, “The whole having multiple mothers thing… It doesn’t seem like a difficult track.”

Ochocino responded “You know what… I think about what I did. Everyone I had a child with is based on their DNA and athletic background.” He continued It had nothing to do with how fine you were or how you looked.” He added, “I don’t care anything about ‘bad b****es’ and all that s**t. If I wanted models…I don’t want f***in’ models. I want f***in’ athletes… What’d you do in high school? Show me some f***in’ tape.”

While the cohost initially couldn’t tell how serious he was and started laughing, he made it very clear he was not joking. “No im serious” he retorted.

Fans were amused by his remarks. “Ocho has to be the funniest guy to ever play in the NFL, mans does what he wants and doesnt give af about what anybody else thinks,” said one comment.

“That’s called breeding and it’s genius,” said another. “Where’s Serena Williams at!” proclaimed another comment.

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