Chaka Khan Isn’t Happy With Rolling Stone’s Greatest Singers Of All-Time List and She’s Making It Known

One thing about Chaka Khan, she will speak her mind. The outspoken singer has found herself in headlines throughout the years for criticizing other singers for covering her songs. Most recently, Chaka Khan learned about Rolling Stone’s Greatest Singers Of All-Time list and completely lost it. 

In 2020, During an interview on Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live,” Chaka Khan dragged Kanye West for sampling her song “Through The Fire” for his ‘Through the Wire’ song. Chaka Khan believed the record was insulting and stupid. The singer claims if she knew he would mess the record up the way he did, she would’ve told him hell no. Last year, the singer appeared on Good Day DC  promoting her single, ‘Woman Like Me’ when she was asked about Kanye sampling her music. Chaka Khan said she didn’t know he would pitch-shift her voice like that. 

In 2019, Chaka Khan worked with pop singer Ariana Grande on a track called, ‘Nobody” for Charlie Angels reboot. The legendary singer said no when asked if she’d work with Ariana Grande again. She also took things further, stating, “[expletive] her.” Chaka Khan claimed she never wants to sing with another woman. “I’m not gonna do a song with no heifer!” Most recently, the singer was a guest on Los Angeles Magazine’s ‘The Originals with Andrew Goldman’s podcast when the host revealed Rolling Stone’s Greatest Singers of All Time List. 

Aretha Franklin was number one, to which she agreed. “She should be. As she F’ing should be,” Khan stated. Whitney Houston was listed as number two. Chaka Khan revealed she introduced Whitney Houston to Clive Davis and the business. Chaka says she made Whitney Houston’s mother bring her to the studio to complete background vocals for her along with Luther Vandross.  However, Mariah Carey was listed as number five, and Chaka Khan flipped out. The legendary singer accused Mariah Carey of payola and said she was not good with Mariah Carey above her.

When the host revealed Beyonce was number 8, Chaka Khan tread lightly and said she would not comment on it. Instead, the singer says Beyonce has the “chops” to be a great singer, implying she’s not there yet.  Adele was listed at 22, to which Chaka Khan responded, “I quit.” However, when she learned Mary J. Blige was placed at 25 while she was ranked 29, Chaka Khan became speechless and lost it. “That’s why I feel the way I do. These are blind bat [expletive],” the singer stated. Chaka Kahn believes the people who made the list need hearing aids and are probably the kids of Helen Keller. 

As the interview progressed, Chaka Khan discussed Mary J. Blige covering her song, “Sweet Thing,” which she criticized, claiming the singer’s vocals were flat. Chaka Khan said she told Mary J. Blige she destroyed the song. When Chaka asked Mary where she was when she recorded the song and what time it was, Mary stated, “8 am.” Chaka told Mary she had no business singing at 8 am, especially if she was waking up to sing. 

Despite her harsh judgement of Mary J. Blige, Chaka Khan says her and Mary are very close and love each other, so she can say these things about her.

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