Chante Moore Dragged After Blaming Judgmental Folks For R. Kelly’s Downfall, Claims Women Are Responsible For What They Do

Just as the hatred for R. Kelly continues to grow in the midst of all of the years of abusive allegations, and the Lifetime docu-series surrounding it, the love for him by many of his diehard fans and supporters remains “Contagious”.  Joining in on the supportive wave is one of his collaborators who appeared on his Isley Brothers penned hit, Chante Moore. 

R. Kelly has been the face of scrutiny for the news of his sexual misconduct with countless women, some allegedly underage.  The “Chante’s Got A Man” singer was a guest on TV One’s “Sister Circle Live,” where she shared her thoughts on the mounting accusations.   

“It’s easy to be in a position to judge when you’re not in the midst of what’s going on,” said Moore on Kelly. “Robert has had a way of coming through these things hit record by hit record by hit record. We get mad. We get upset. We want to mute the music. Y’all ain’t muting the music.” 

Chante continued: “There’s a judgment that happens, but we’re just judgmental people sometimes.  Especially because all the media and all the industry is just so quick to attack. But if these young ladies are over 21, they are responsible for what they’re doing.” 

The singer then began to say that the women should have made the decision to not engage with R. Kelly and were old enough to make their own choices.  “If you don’t wanna be on R. Kelly’s [tour] bus, don’t get on the bus,” commented Moore. “It didn’t just start that R. Kelly had some sexual deviancies in there somewhere. We all understand that that is the truth of him.”   

The show’s co-hosts and Moore then began to trade stories of fan interactions with R. Kelly while at his shows.  “Our standards have to be lifted,” Moore then said. “Whether it’s true or not, the whole thing is, let’s learn a lesson as we watch from the outside.”  

Chante then concluded, “Pray for them all… pray for R. Kelly.  He needs help like everybody needs help. Everybody has their vices … When you get rich it just amplifies who you are.” 

Even though Moore may have some grace within her for the singer, fans definitely disagreed.  “Wow, I think Chante will find that she will be on the wrong side of history when this is all said and done,” wrote a disappointed fan while another tweeted, “Chanté Moore is about to get so much backlash.” 

You can view the full interview below. 

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