Charlamagne Tha God ‘Outed’ As ‘Half-Gay’ By Wendy Williams’ Ex Husband, Kevin Hunter

Charlamagne Tha God is still on the receiving end of his own medicine. The shock jock has built his career of his ability to talk smack about others, but it looks like some people are looking to give him that same energy in recent days. Kwame Brown took him to task after he made some super disparaging comments about his family on the breakfast club. Now Wendy Williams ex Husband Kevin Hunter is spilling some tea on Wendy’s former sidekick.

Char got the full wrath of Kwame Brown yesterday after he told Breakfast Club listeners some crazy things about his family. In an attempt to “defend” Brown, Charlamagne decided to list several family issues he claims Brown has been subjected too, resulting in his erratic behavior. “Leave Kwame Brown alone,” said Charlamagne. He went on to make serious claims about Brown’s father and brother.

Kwame took to social media to respond. “You wanna talk about a brother that I never met? That my father had children outside of his marriage? Just like DJ Envy cheatin’ a**?” asked Brown. “We gon’ find that girl you r*ped. Allegedly. Matter of fact, we ain’t gotta say allegedly ’cause you on the docket.”

Kevin Hunter claims some responsibility for Charlamagne and his career. He claims to have met Charlamagne and literally put him on VH1 with Wendy Williams the following week. The two had great chemistry and Char and Kevin seemed to also grow very close. So close in fact, its alleged that Charlamagne introduced Kevin to the woman he was cheating on Wendy Williams with for years.

Blogger Tasha K recently did a video revealing some tea via Kevin. Hunter seems eager to open up after years of being quiet and really wants to expose Charlamagne. In the interview Hunter made claims that Charlamagne is “half gay”, owns a [male toys], and used to pay a woman to “play with his [behind] during [while intimate]”. Kevin also expressed that he despises Charlemagne and feels as though he’s the only one who can take him out, because he bought him into the game. He took to his social media as well to let people know he had more to say about his former friend, especially in light of Kwame’s recent reads. “Story time” he said in his post. “Salute to Kwame Brown” he continued before making threats to expose Charlamagne.

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