Cheater’s Host, Peter Gunz ‘Beat Down’ During Episode Of Cheaters, After Man Catches His Girlfriend Cheating With Another Man

Life has a funny way of playing itself out.  If you were to think of the classic show “Cheaters” and the name Peter Gunz, one would think that whomever his woman of the moment is, would be trying to catch the rapper and reality star in the act.  However, the Love and Hip Hop star was recently announced as the new face of the show’s reboot.  Already, Gunz is shaking things up! 

Gunz, born Peter Pankey, was named the host of “Cheaters” over a year after the previous host, Clark James Gable, met his unfortunate demise following an OD.  Once the announcement was made of his new hosting gig, social media of course erupted with criticism that Gunz would even be considered to host the show, especially knowing his history of infidelity. 

During an interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Gunz addressed the criticism and concerns of fans.  “Most people that followed my story on Love & Hip Hop’ would say I have the audacity to take this job but I’m a good fit,” he said. “You want someone in this role who has been down a similar road. Though I’m not proud of my reputation because of certain decisions I’ve made, I know that I am a draw because of what people have seen.” 

Gunz also makes history as he is the first African American host of the show in its 20 years of production.  On why he believes he is the perfect host he continued, “I’m sympathetic to those who get caught and those who are heartbroken over the discovery. My goal is not to break up a happy home, but instead to help the couples decide if they can work things out or maybe separation is best.” 

During a taping of the show, Gunz was in the midst of sharing some unfortunate video footage to a man of his girlfriend who had been cheating on him when an altercation ensued.  Obviously emotionally charged up, the man attempts to smack the iPad out of Gunz’s hands, perhaps not wanting to see the visual anymore.  Unable to properly direct his emotions, he begins to shove Gunz. 

Gunz then retaliates towards the man and the situation proceeds to escalate.  Once everything has been diffused, he tries to get the man back on track. “If I offended you, I apologize,” said Gunz to the man.  
“Let’s get this to him. I need you to channel this energy toward the man that’s with your lady right now. I know where she at right now. Let’s pull up.”   

Recently, Gunz had much to say about another cheater, Derrick Jaxn, on social media.  Commenting on the infidelity that Jaxn was exposed of with his wife, Gunz took to Instagram to write “I remember this n***a [Derrick Jaxn] had so much to say about me multiple videos talking s**t… Ladies be careful whom you worship all that glitters ain’t gold,” wrote Gunz. “Don’t fall for the Jesus rebound either.”  

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