Chloe Bailey Enters #BussItChallenge Leaving Everyone With Their Mouths Open

It has begun. R&B/Pop superduo Chloe x Halle have kicked off their own individual instagram accounts today. The girls have shared their social media handle @chloexhalle since the groups debut in 2016, an account that currently sits at 3.6 Million followers. With sister Halle Bailey gearing up for her film debut in Disney’s “The Little Mermaids” live action remake, it makes sense the girls would begin to establish separate social media footprints as their careers begin to go their different directions. Chloe decided to commemorate the occasion by jumping on the viral #bussitchallange, and boy did she buss it. 

Opening the video in a house robe and multicolor bonnet, the multi-hyphenated star hammed it up for the camera, wobbling and making silly faces. As the challenge goes, when the Nelly “Hot in Herre” sample fades and drops into the now infamous “buss it” line by Erica Banks, so too did Chloe. Bussing down to reveal a lacy black dress, nude heels and a whole lot of energy. “better late than never 😂🥰 #bussitchallenge” she captioned the post.

The Grown-ish star also posted some BTS of the challenge in her IG story, giving fans a closer look at her hair and make up while playing with her dog. The now viral video comes ahead of a new episode of their hit freeform series, which stars both sisters and is currently in its 3rd season. 

“So I still have time to do…. I mean practice this challenge 🤣 you set the bar too high Miss @chloebailey I can’t even even try to come after this 🔥”  commented Angie Beyince. The post already has over 300k likes, while the page already has over 400k followers. 

“I see why Chloe wanted her separate IG page”

“I have a confession… I never really knew which one was Chloe and which one was Halle. But hear me and hear me good.I know now.”

Chloe Bailey doing the #BussItChallenge is all i needed to see on this good thursday”

Twitter from her newly solo twitter account, the star said, “hi my name is Chloe, nice to meet you”

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