Chloe Bailey’s Little Sister, Halle Bailey Claps Back At Beyonce’s Daddy, Mathew Knowles On Her Belhalf, Claims Her Sister Is An Icon Already

Its safe to assume that when deciding to mentor Chloe and Halle, Beyonce must of seen some of herself in the young stars. The sister’s vocals, chemistry and bond is incredibly reminiscent of Bey and her younger sister Solange. So much so that when the duo kicked off their breakout year last May with “Do It”, comparisons became prevalent between older sister Chloe Bailey and the Queen B.

These kind of comparisons are nothing new in music, every couple years a star breaks through that feel eerily similar to the current reigning woman in the game. For Mariah it was Christina Aguilera, Leona Lewis and now Ariana Grande. For Lil Kim it was Nicki Minaj, and for Nicki its been Cardi B, City Girls, Megan and Doja Cat.

Beyonce is no stranger to this either. After her game changing debut in 2003, labels rushed to cash in on her blueprint with acts like Rihanna and Ciara. Girl groups like Fifth Harmony and Little Mix were constantly hit with the question, “Who is the Beyonce?”

Beyonce and Chloe Bailey’s comparisons run a bit deeper however. Prior to being her mentee, Chloe Bailey actually played the part of a younger Beyonce in the film Fighting Temptations.

Shortly after that her and young sister Halle went viral with several youtube covers, the majority of which were Beyonce songs.

Under her wing they’ve blossomed into a powerful duo. Halle’s more demure and laid back demeanor an obvious contrast to Chloe Bailey’s electrifying stage presence and commanding vibrato. It instantly harkens back to the golden days of Destiny’s Child and a younger Beyonce demanding the spotlight even when trying to play the background.

One person who hasn’t picked up on the obvious parallels of the two is Bey’s father, Mathew Knowles.

Mr. Knowles was shocked and even offended during a recent interview when asked how he felt about comparisons between his daughter and her protege while guesting on Leah A. Henry’s podcast Leah’s Lemonade.

You’ve got to be kidding me, right? You’re asking me that question?” said Knowles. “Are you actually serious that you are comparing that young lady [Chloe Bailey] to Beyoncé?” When Leah clarified that the question was geared more about a potential biopic, Knowles opened up. “Okay, if you’re talking about a movie– not talent-wise. Talent-wise? Are you telling me talent-wise, somebody is an idiot enough to compare her to Beyoncé talent-wise? Are there people saying her talent is equal to Beyonce? They’re idiots. That’s actually insulting to Beyoncé.”

His comments completely derailed the interview and shocked many who were confused by how upset he got because of the comparisons.

Some fans believed the 70-year-old man used the comparisons to 22-year-old Chloe Bailey. Check out some of the fan responses and comparisons below:

Halle Bailey, 20, Chloe’s younger sister took to social media in response to Mathew Knowles disrespect. In a serious of tweets, Halle made it clear she rides for her sister til the end.

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