Reality Star Chrissy Lampkin Defends Being Jim Jones Girlfriend For 16-Year Relationship, Says Married Couples Don’t Have What They Have

Chrissy Lampkin has returned to the Love and Hip-Hop flagship franchise, along with her partner rapper Jim Jones. The pair were original cast members when the show launched, and their lack of a marriage was their sole story line, seemingly. Now, times have changed and so has Chrissy – rendering marriage no longer her top priority.

Being that the show’s premise is centered around hip-hop stars and their spouses or girlfriends, the inclusion of Jones and Lampkin made sense as they launched the series. Jim Jones, a part of the Dipset crew and solo artist in his own right, was one of the larger stars to give the show credibility. His reluctance to marry his partner of now 16-years became reality TV fodder for years.

The subject of marriage on the softly scripted reality show franchise one is a recurring theme that has deviled many of the show’s stars. Another prominent couple on the show, Yandy Smith Harris and Mendeecees Harris came under fire for their “fake” wedding ceremony, with Yandy admitting that their on the air marriage at one point wasn’t official. Marriage, in the world of reality TV and hip-hop at least, is always the ultimate goal.

Despite Yandy’s lack of marriage, she still is with Mendeecees. Mendeecees Harris was released from prison at the end of January after serving four years on drug trafficking charges, half of his previously sentenced 8-year term. Harris went into prison right after his on-air wedding to fellow co-star Yandy Smith and the show covered how Yandy and their blended family dealt with the loss of their father figure and husband.

Harris release was covered extensively by the pair, as it was a specific plot point of Yandy’s entire storyline on the show since Mendeecees left the show to serve his time. One especially poignant clip shows the couple exiting a black SUV, heading to the nearest garbage can, where Harris tosses his state issued duds into the bin. The caption proudly stated, “Never going back…@mendeecees,” beside an emoji depicting praying hands.

While Mendeecees is “never going back,” it seems Chrissy is yet “clapping back” at folks who still feel the need to weigh in on her once very public relationship to rapper Jones. Throughout their 16 years together, the pair has been adjacent to the limelight, even without joining the franchise. Lampkin highlights that what works for them, works for them.

Posting a picture quoting Jay Z and Beyoncé’s “’03 Bonnie and Clyde,” Lampkin highlighted the love of her life with the lyrics, “All I need in this life of sin is me and my boyfriend.”

She also wrote, “it works for me,” in addition to the hashtag “#HotAndSweaty” and a lot of emojis. Balancing an approval comment from Jones of “Fax, u make me look good,” and negative comments about her lack of a ring, Lampkin quickly shot back at her followers.

“Yeah my boyfriend,” she wrote. “[MF] married don’t have what we have but y’all lonely [MF] wouldn’t know nothing about it.”

In a follow up comment, she said, “What the f— is wrong with y’all that’s lyrics to a song and now you’re trying to make it my life,” she added. “F— off I’ll get married win [sic] the f— I want to.”

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