City Girls’ JT Dragged After Telling Herself Happy Mother’s Day, Claiming Her ‘Children’ Are ’Throat Kids’ In Social Media Post

JT of the group City Girls caught some flack this week after a tasteless Mother’s Day Twitter post got her in trouble with some fans. The Hip-Hop up start is known for being a pretty vocal twitter user, saying crazy things that often go viral for all the wrong reason. She’s made several a crazy statements on the platform with her Mother’s Day one joining the list of outrageousness.

Just this past December JT was almost ran off the platform after old tweets about Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy, Regina Carter, Kash Doll and even 9/11. Some fans were in support of the hilarious tweets while some found them very problematic. One popular one stated “someone child missing in Chuckie Cheese! Ima still eat this pizza”.

Some of the saucer ones include “he can give me aids and that on Magic Johnson” and “Trash doll shaped like a substitute teach hoe go find a seat in the nearest dairy isle”. Speaking T.I and Tiny she said “T.I and Tiny relationship Pure she’s not even pretty but because he loves her make her beautiful”.

We wrote about one colorist tweet that got her in trouble with fans. Back in December she tweeted about some dark skinned girls being too “crispy”. When it resurfaced fans were upset that she’d share such a problematic tweet. “How JT dark skin and calling other dark skin women crispy the colorism is real smh” tweeted one follower. She ended up deleting her entire twitter and launching a new one. Her first post was a throwback photo of her holding a purse saying “All my old tweets in that purse.”

On Mother’s Day, the “Act Up” star tweeted “Happy Mother’s Day to me, I have throat kids.” A clear reference to fellatio and her verse on the hit single “Throat Baby”. Fans were very confused and grossed out. Some were offended at home she co-oped the holiday for herself.

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