College Student Mistakenly Receives $1M In Financial Aid, Publicly Shamed After Going On 73-Day Shopping Spree With The Money

Time are undoubtably tough right now. The coronavirus pandemic has made funds really tight for everyone, work is hard to find and with so many business and industries completely shutdown it’ll be awhile before many can recover. A lot of people have been receiving aid in the form of government funding, scholarships and financial assistance different organizations. In the mad dash to get everyone their money, some places have moved too fast and deposited larger sums into peoples accounts than originally intended.

A St. Lucian couple was awaiting their stimulus from the government for coronavirus relief. On the day it was received, the woman went to withdrawal $300 from the bank and made a shocking discovery. Her account had $9 million dollar. She was not sure how the money got there and ran home to show her husband the bank receipt. “I couldn’t even count the numbers. 9 million dollars. wow, i didn’t know what to think. I ran home and showed it to my husband.”

She says she immediately called her son who worked at a bank. His advice, “Mom don’t touch that money.” He went onto tell her that sometimes banks make mistakes, but she’d be smart to not touch it and wait and see if they adjust it. Sure enough, 30 minutes later the money was taken back out. A student in Africa experienced a similar mix-up.

What should have only been $100 stipend for books and food ended up coming in as $1 Million dollars for Sibongile Mani. Walter Sisulu University in Eastern Cape province accidentally loaded the large amount onto the student’s financial aid debit card. She was $60k into her shopping spree when they realized the error.

The accident was made by the school, but the student never reported it. It wasn’t until another student saw her obscene spending that she alerted the authorities. “The student will be liable for the money she’s already spent,” a WSU spokesperson stated. The South African Parliament also made a comment on the oversight stating, “this is unacceptable that such a grave mistake as this one could occur undetected on money appropriated by Parliament.”

The initial report states that the young woman’s account has been locked until the funds are returned. According to Mani’s now-deleted Facebook post, the student claims she contacted the school about the error. “Today my personal life has become a social media scandal. I have been named and shamed in public. Today, I am a bad person, a person who stole the money of students,” she wrote, according to Herald Live. “With that being said, and being named a thief, but as we all know in every story there is truth and there are lies with the very same story.”

Posted by yoMzansi on Thursday, August 31, 2017

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