Thursday, September 16, 2021

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Comedian Dave Chappelle Reveals He Used To Buy Drugs From Actor Idris Elba At Comedy Club Back In The Day

Dave Chappelle spend nearly a decade out of the spotlight. The star began increasingly reclusive after bad experiences in the entertainment industry made him fear for his life and his sanity. After taking a long sabbatical from the stage, he’s made a bold return in recent years starring in several stand-ups and doing the press circuit opening up on his iconic career. Recently Chapelle sat down with podcast giant Joe Rogan to discuss everything from Elon Musk recent hosting gig on SNL, the ever prevalent cancel culture, the pandemic, gay rights, and in a surprising moment shared his interaction with a pre-fame Idris Elba during his days as a bouncer at a comedy club Chappelle frequented.

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Chappelle was recently in the news after it was revealed that his groundbreaking Comedy Central series Chappelle Show had gone to streaming platforms without his consent. More puzzling was the fact that Netflix was streaming it. Netflix and Chappelle currently have a partnership in place where they stream all his new stand-ups since his return to comedy so he was confused why they would not loop him in on the decision to stream his show. Even worst, Chappelle revealed he had not received any money from the series since it wrapped. After asking fans to boycott it, it was quickly pulled from the streaming platform only to return after business was settled with Chappelle behind the scenes.

Around that time, he took did a stint on SNL as host. The prolific comic used his opening monolog to make some powerful statements about America and the state of the country following Trump’s presidency. The 16 minute opener was packed with really strong analogies for where we are as a people. He acknowledged the struggle many American’s are currently going through and the outrage that’s come with it, only to point out that many of the issues now facing white people for the first time are issues black people have suffered through for decades.

During his interview with Joe Rogan he echoed a lot of the same sentiments. The 3 hour convo covered a range of topics. During a conversation about treating everyone with respect including service people, Chappelle recalled a time he interacted with Idris Elba before he became a massive star. He said that Elba was the doorman at comedy Club Caroline’s and how he used to buy weed from him. Watch the clip below.

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