Comedian DC Youngfly Knocked Guy ‘Lights Out’ On Stage During Comedy Show After Walking On Stage Mid-Joke

DC Youngfly is one of the funniest guys on television. The Wild N Out star has become a mainstay on the MTV series and has turned his popularity into a lucrative career with other shows, movies and touring. His stand-up routines are even funnier than his MTV humor, and a recent crowd in Oakland was treated to a great show from the comedian. Unfortunately someone got too excited and approached him on stage, promoting him to lay them out mid-joke.

DC Young Fly was born John Whitfield. He got his start and built his huge following on the back of his Roasting Celebrity videos on Instagram and Youtube. In the viral videos he’d tell his “target” to “bring dat a** here boi!” before proceeds to roast them. He famously ended all his roasts by saying “faawwkk you mean”. His videos have earned him co-signs from celebrities like Kevin Hart, Michael Blackson, Lebron James, Chris Tucker, etc.

He became a recurring cast member on Wild N Out around season 7 and almost became the star of the show after MTV offered to make him the host of the series during a rough patch in Nick Cannon’s career. However his loyalty to Cannon made him turn the offer down because it did not come directly from him. “I want [it] the right way. I wanted [it] to be given to me from the O.G. It’s his s—. It’s not corporate s—. Corporate didn’t hire me. Nick hired me,” Dc Young Fly professed. “So, it’d be a backstab for me to go be like, ‘Alright corporate, what y’all want me to do?’ I know how the game get. Y’all don’t [mess] with me like that. You only [mess] with what I can bring you. I wanna be part of a family, and Wild ‘N Out was family.”

DC recently went viral for reasons other than his comedy. As previously mentioned, he had to get physical with a fan to approached him on stage unprovoked. DC took to his social media to explain that while he’s all fun and laughs, he comes from the hood and does not like being approached and provoked in that way. Videos of the crowd watching the exchange began to circulate online. Hear his side of the story below.

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