Comedian Gary Owen Blasts “Broke, White” Trump Supporters, Claims His Base Is Broke White People Who Are Mad They’re Broke and White In Resurfaced Interview

Comedian Gary Owen has been a favorite within the Black community for years, with his style of comedy as well as his active support for African Americans.  The unapologetic comedian has come under fire for some jokes he’s made in the past but remains unphased.  

“For the young folks that need a little education to why Gary Owen is certified! This is just one of the reasons,” a tweet once read from a user after the news went viral of his wife’s mistreatment on a Delta Airlines flight after being discriminated against.  Some people on “woke Twitter” have tried to cancel him a few times, yet the majority of social media tends to come to his defense, as many know his general stance.

A recently resurfaced interview that Owen had with Vlad TV is making its rounds again, where the comedian spoke on his comedy styling, and also where he believes Trump gets most of his support from. The interviewer asks Owen if he would vote for actress Stacey Dash if she decided to take up office in Congress, and after saying “good luck”, he quickly states that he would not vote for her.  “It’d be hard for me to vote for any actor or actress,” the comedian said.  “There’s not too many.”

He continues on to explain his stance, and that he’s not political.  “I don’t try to act like I am.  I’m not educated enough,” admits Owen.  “So that’s what a lot of my act, I don’t talk about it.  I’m not D. L. Hughley, he’s way smarter than me.”

The interviewer then highlights that the comedian has talked about Trump before, which Owen admits to.  “It’s easy, but it’s very ‘vanilla’,” he says.  “It’s very like, it’s not anything deep.  I’m not saying like, ‘you know, he’s going to do these tax cuts that are taking out 30 percent.’  I don’t know stuff like that.  It’s just, I don’t know enough about politics.”

Owen then mentions that Donald Trump is the only president that gets offended when he’s mentioned on Saturday Night Live, which he adamantly states comes with the territory of holding that office.  “That’s part of the deal, there gonna do it.  Somebody’s gonna imitate you.  They’re gonna make fun of you no matter what it is,” he said.  He later refers to Trump as “comedy gold”.  

“Before the election, when people said ‘what do you think about Trump,’ I said, ‘It scares me as a citizen, but every comic are lying when they said it doesn’t excite you a little bit because that’s so easy,” he said.  “But Barack was the same way.  Barack was great, and Barack was the first Black President.  You can go so many different directions with that, and he was mixed.  He wasn’t even Black, he was mixed. So there, I had so much fun material with Barack with race.  But Trump it’s just, good Lord!  For my audience, it’s easy laughs.  It’s easy to get them on your side.  You know what I mean?  But as a citizen, I’m like dude.  I’d have a hard time supporting somebody who really feeds on dividing people instead of bringing everybody together, whether you agree with his policies or not.”

“You’re feeding into that,” he continued.  “You’re feeding into divisiveness and I’m like, ‘dude aren’t you the one that’s supposed to bring us together?  Regardless?”  The interviewer mentions that he heard from a few of Trump’s ex-crew members that he allegedly feels as though the racists are his core and that he doesn’t want to shake them up.  Owen then expresses who he believes to be Trump’s core.  

“Well, I think his core is broke white people who are so mad that they’re… you really don’t have excuses to be just broke and white.  That’s why I don’t give money to homeless white people.  I mean, you can’t get a job? Really?  So like, broke white people, they don’t know who to blame.   They’re like… everything was set up for you to make it.  You don’t got to be rich or a mogul but you should be able to make it.  And if you can’t, who you gon’ blame?  ‘Oh!  I’m’ going to blame the Mexicans.  They came over here illegally, you know?  I’m going to blame them.  They’re the ones taking the jobs that I should get.’  No, they ain’t,” he exclaims.  

“You’re just lazy and stupid,” he continued before pointing out that Trump and his campaign never holds rallies in big cities such as New York or LA, nor does he seek out big celebrities.  “We’re going to these broke-a** white towns that nobody goes to, the same way black people come out and vote for Barack?  These people don’t go out and vote, and he got them to vote.  And that’s what got him the election.”

He then confessed that he believes there are a lot of people within his family that voted for Trump, and that he doesn’t speak to his mother or stepfather.  “Broke, white, and stupid,” he calls them.  “They didn’t say [they voted for Trump], but I guarantee they did.”

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