Comedian Lil Duval Dragged After Claiming Most Women Don’t Make Money, Says If Men Only Dated In Their Financial Range They Wouldn’t Have Much To Choose From

The standards for dating vary depending on who you ask. For many its purely financial however, and conversations are always happening about just how much money men and women should have while trying to date. In the growing age of independence, women are realizing that while they like to have their own, they have no desire to take care of someone else. Men have realized too that the money women are independent the less they should require men to buy everything. However Lil Duval things this logic is not sound, as he feels that women are not truly as financial stable as society likes us to believe.

Tokyo Vanity has been discussing this very topic in a series of tweets that she has also been posting to her Instagram. In them, she discusses the pressure of being the financially successful one in a relationship and the unnecessary pressures of having to take care of your partner if they are less financially stable than you. “Can we normalize dating ppl within your budget” she asks her followers. “Stop getting mad cause a person want to date a person with the same financial freedom as them.” She captioned the post saying “Women with money still want to feel taken care of. Men with money like gifts too.”

People in the comments seemed to agree, with many relaying that they are now realizing dating should not always be a battle of who can take care of who. “HELLO!!!!!! I’d rather not change my lifestyle to accommodate someone else’s. It’s called being evenly yolked…spiritually, mentally AND FINANCIALLY!” commented one follower.

In a separate post Tokyo addresses some of the those opposed to her philosophy and explained that some people do not understand the difference between understanding/compromise and being desperate.

Lil Duval chimed in on the topic. In his own response he said “If men only dated within their finacial range we wouldn’t have much to choose from” followed by several laughing emojis. Duval’s comment drew some criticism from people who felt he was dismissing the amount of successful women in the world for the sake of a laugh.

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