“Count Your Days”: Cardi B Sends Warning To WWE’s Vince McMahon After Sabotaging Her WWE Debut

Cardi B is learning the price of fame more and more, even though she’s been in the game for years.  The “WAP” rapper is used to being criticized for any and everything that she’s done, including the massive release of her 2020 Megan Thee Stallion assisted single.  Cardi is also used as an example for women who are high in the ranks of superstardom, yet aren’t filling the role of an “acceptable role model” for young women that potentially look up to her thanks to the content of her music and her status.  

The Bronx native is known to be unapologetic in her approach, her music, and her life.  Part of Cardi’s appeal has been her immense likability, coupled with her undisputed hits.  Born Belcalis Almanzar in the South Bronx, she lived a somewhat troubled life growing up with high hopes and dreams of becoming someone beyond the stereotypical trajectory that a young woman like her would normally end up becoming.  Eventually becoming Cardi B, her hard work, albeit unconventional in the conservative viewpoint, would propel her to being That Girl.

“She never ever tried to be someone she’s not,” says a longtime Cardi B fan from North Philadelphia as reported to The Philadelphia Inquirer. “She didn’t stay stuck in reality TV — she chased her dream, and she climbed to the top of the charts.”  

Her most recent foray in entertainment happens to be a new video series appearing via Facebook’s Messenger app aptly titled Cardi Tries.  In the series, the rap superstar is seen attempting something new within each episode, from firefighting to ballet dancing with famed choreographer Debbie Allen, to stunt car driving. Each episode, she is guided by a professional within the respective field, with prominent features from stars such as basketball star Damian Lilliard from the Portland Trailblazers to actress Michelle Rodriguez.

While Cardi will be trying numerous activities that she may never have thought she would have, one such activity she hasn’t tried yet is wrestling.  Fans have now been graced with some new information on their “BardiGang” leader, as she has seemingly been a fan of WWE, although she mentioned that she hasn’t “watched it in years.”  

However, even though she hasn’t viewed the sport in a long time, her fame has allowed her to be name-dropped in one of their recent shows.  Cardi was surprised and confused when she was inundated by tweets that included her in WWE mentions.  “Wait what’s going on,” asked Cardi. “People keep tagging me in WWE stuff?” 

As it turns out, she was referenced on “Monday Night Raw” in a backstage segment between WWE legend Torrie Wilson, Angel Garza, and Nikki Cross.  One of her fans directed the rapper to a clip that also included “The Boogeyman”, where Garza was lured into a room by Wilson after being presented a rose, similar to that of The Bachelor, after claims that she had “invited Cardi B, Kylie Jenner, and Ariana Grande to come here to watch RAW tonight.”

Instead of seeing the rapper or the two other superstars mentioned, the wrestling star was greeted by The Boogeyman.  The whole ordeal that played out sans Cardi, both excited and upset the rapper.  “Ok nomore wwE tweets I haven’t watched it in years,” she first tweeted. “I was just confused on all the wwe tweets I was getting. Before this last thing I Hurd bout it was about a sexy wrestler name Carmella.” She then directed her ire jokingly towards Vince McMahon that her wrestling “debut” happened the way that it did.

“WWWWTTTTFFFFFFFFF,” wrote the rapper. “This is not how my wwe debut was supposed to be! Vince McMahon COUNT YOUR F****N DAYS!!!!”  This tweet began a moment where Cardi could fan out on her favorite wrestling stars as she began to reminisce on her Wrestlemania watching days.  Answering a fan who asked if she used to watch in the days when Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was a famous wrestling star, she responded, “Naaaaa I was still to young when he was on.  I started watching when Booka T, Eddie gurrero, triple H ,batista,John cena,Edge,Melina ,Trish stratus,Lina ETC was on !”

Perhaps we may see Cardi have an actual Wrestlemania debut in the near future.  Stay Tuned!

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