DaBaby Under Fire After Video Shows His Associate Attacking 64-Year-Old Homeowner After Confronting Rapper For Violating House Rental Terms

It looks like an alleged altercation that took place at the end of 2020 is coming back to haunt DaBaby in 2021.  The North Carolina rapper, real name Jonathan Kirk, has been involved in quite a few legal issues since his entrance on the music scene.  Now adding to the pile is an elderly man who alleges to have been on the receiving end of a physical altercation from the rapper and his crew.

Gary Pagar, a 64-year old owner of a Runyon Canyon vacation home in California, filed a lawsuit against the “Rockstar” rapper on Monday alleging that he stole his phone and assaulted him in December.  Pagar claims that DaBaby rented the property from him with the intention of it being no more than 12 people to remain in concordance with Covid-19 safety protocols.  It was allegedly also made clear that the property could not be used for commercial purposes.  However, DaBaby violated the lease agreement when he showed up with about 40 people and proceed to shoot a music video.

When Pagar tried to shut their operations down, he was met with resistance from the rapper’s crew.  Pagar claims in the lawsuit that he was knocked down to the ground by an unknown aggressor.  He then alleges that DaBaby got out of his vehicle to chase him into the house and threatened him against calling authorities.  It was then that he alleges he was assaulted by the rapper, leaving him a bloody mouth as well as a missing tooth.

Eventually, the police were called.  However, it is alleged that the rapper and his crew fled the scene.  Instead of leaving empty-handed, Pagar alleges that he stole his phone and “valuable kitchenware” as well.  DaBaby allegedly did not pay for the multiple damages which included a destroyed security camera that was installed in the home.

Now more information is coming out as a brief video of the incident has surfaced which shows the 64-year old being thrown to the ground by the unknown individual.  Rapper Stunna 4 Vegas appears and quickly tries to remove DaBaby’s entourage member from the elderly man while picks himself up.  Off in the distance, DaBaby is seen sitting in a vehicle alongside Jake Paul and watching the whole ordeal.

The moment in question where Pagar alleges that the rapper assaulted him was not caught on camera.  However, Pagar states in the suit that the rapper allegedly hopped out of the car to “taunt, threaten and punch” him.  He’s currently suing DaBaby for $117,910.48.

DaBaby nor his team have spoken up on the incident.  This follows his past legal troubles whether it’s a heated altercation, slapping a fan in her place, as well as accusations of robbery and intimidation.

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