Dave Chappelle Apologized To Candace Owens For Calling Her ‘Articulate’ But Still Claims Her ‘Privates’ Smell: “It Probably Does Stink”

If Dave Chappelle is known for one thing other than being notoriously funny, it is for being unapologetic. Chappelle has stood firm in his beliefs within his many stand-up specials, as well as in interviews. One of his latest releases contained remarks aimed at Conservative commentator Candace Owens, and the comedian might now be walking back on his rule that comedian’s should not apologize.

In the height of the pandemic, Chappelle released a surprise Netflix special (adhering to social distancing protocols) titled 8:46. It is within that special that the ever-so-vocal actor and comedian tore into Owens, withholding nothing.

“She’s the worst,” a bold Chappelle proclaimed. “I can’t think of a worse way to make money. She’s the most articulate idiot I’ve ever seen in my (expletive) life.” The comedian then addressed her irreverent comments on George Floyd’s life and untimely passing.

“I’d seen Candace Owens try to convince white America, ‘Don’t worry about it. He’s a criminal, anyway,” stated Chappelle. Speaking on her remarks as to why Floyd should be pedestalized as a “hero” due to his alleged criminal past, the comedian dug more into her. “We didn’t choose him, you did!” he passionately declared. “They k*lled him and that wasn’t right. So he’s the guy. We’re not desperate for heroes in the black community. Any (expletive) that survives this nightmare is my God damned hero.”

Obviously impassioned in his speech, Chappelle continued in a rant while also mentioning that he believes Owens’s private area smelled as though she did not know proper hygiene (not exactly in those words, but you get it.) He added, “I don’t know if it stinks, but I imagine it does. If I ever find out, I’ll let you know, for sure. I’ll tell like Azealia Banks. I’ll tell.”

Rather than participate in a back and forth with the comedian (one that she more than likely would not succeed in), Owens tweeted that she was rather “honored” to be mentioned by Chappelle. “To every Democrat tweeting me the clip of #DaveChappelle insulting me: I’m not a leftist,” she tweeted. “I have a sense of humor & I think comedians SHOULD make fun of people.”

Owens then concluded her tweet proclaiming her excitement to be mentioned by the legendary comedian. “Dave Chappelle is one of the greatest comedians of all time and I made it into one of his specials. That’s POWER,” she wrote.

While she took it in stride, it is possible that the mention went over her head, rather than permeate her soul. You see, the particular special in which she was mentioned was less of a comedic approach and more Chappelle releasing his frustrations surrounding the loss of George Floyd’s life and worldwide racial tensions. The disruptive comments from Owens were less the “butt of a joke” and more a reprimanding from Chappelle.

One that Candace Owens should perhaps sit with.

Dave Chappelle took the opportunity recently to do some soul searching on the matter, however. On the most recent episode of his newly launched podcast alongside rappers Yasin Bey (formerly Mos Def) and Talib Kweli, Midnight Miracle, Chappelle brought up the Owens incident. Also featured in the conversation was fellow comedian and television host, Jon Stewart.

As his co-hosts offer that Owens is “a mascot of colonial interest in America today,” Chappelle then can be heard asking, “There is no possible way that I owe Candace Owens an apology, is there?” He then went on to clarify his remarks on her private parts.

“I did say that but I also conceded that I don’t know if her [expletive] stinks or not, but that I was guessing that it probably does stink,” he shared. Doubling down that he believes that what she says is “cruel and dangerous” as well as damaging to the community, Chappelle asks for clarification on the apology, assuming that it was leaning towards “no.”

Special guest, Jon Stewart, offered his opinion on Owens sharing, “Her life is provocation, her brand is provocation, that’s how she makes her money. Rather than a genuine offer of argument and exchange of ideas, it’s a provocation and a troll that’s meant to increase brand recognition.”

Finally, Dave Chappelle did the unthinkable. You see, he believes that comics should not apologize for jokes, but he chose to break the rule. Well, if you count sarcasm, sure! Either way, Chappelle had an apology lined up for Owens.

“By the way, Candace Owens, I’m sorry I called you ‘articulate.,” he said. The full episode can be heard here.

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