Deb Antney & Waka Flocka Dragged After Rapper, OJ Da Juiceman Claims He Didn’t Receive One Penny From Album

Deb Antney, mother and former manager of rapper Waka Flocka Flame, has been a stable in hip-hop for over a decade. Antney is an entertainment manager and the founder and CEO of Mizay Entertainment. She rose to fame for breaking the careers of several high profile artists, such as Gucci Mane, French Montana and Nicki Minaj in addition to her son Waka. She was also behind OJ Da Juiceman’s debut album “The Otha Side of the Trap”.

Antney was recently in the news for proclaiming her support of former President Donald Trump. The former manger is currently a cast member on Growing Up Hip-Hop Atlanta. In a recent clip of the reality show she expressed her support of former president Donald Trump. In the clip Deb is shown having a conversation over the phone with Da Brat. When questioned about her support of the former leader of the free world, she explains that “what you see is what you get, he could be ghetto, he could be everything it is that people say. I don’t know why we beefin’ with it. ‘Cause that’s how the hell we do it, and everybody beefing with it. That man is who he is and there’s no hidden agendas.”

In a recent interview with DJ Scream and Big Bank on their Big Facts podcast, Deb explained her support for the controversial president. At about the 37 minute mark they begin to talk about her comments. “It ain’t that I’m in love with him. First off, democracy is what? And that’s what you have to think about. It has nothing to do with anything,” she explained.

“I’m a keep it a hundred with you, I ain’t vote for neither one of them. I said if I had to vote, I would go there ’cause he’s the lesser evil. I’m a realist, you understand? So, he sugarcoats nothing. He lets you know what the hell is going on. You know already. He’s not a controlled individual. So, I love him ’cause you can’t control him.”

Her love of shady politicians makes even more sense after a recent interview involving OJ Da Juiceman. OJ signed to Deb for his debut album, and has been very candid about receiving no money and a bad contract. The rapper was working with her Mizay Entertainment company and claims he was given a terrible deal by his label.

His side of the story is that he was given the option to get out of his contract only if he signed over “everything from ‘The Otha Side of the Trap’ for your life and ten years after your life.” Due to the controversy, OJ said he decided to part ways with Deb and Mizay Entertainment. Deb’s son Waka was not happy with the way OJ portrayed his mom and came to her defense via social media.

Check out his explicit filled response below as well as OJ’s clap back.

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