DeRay Davis Reveals He’s Still Struggles After Losing Virginity At 11 During Threesome With 2 Ugly 30-Yr-Old Women

Snowfall star and popular comic DeRay Davis has been a staple in movies and TV for years now. The Chicago born comic has been hard at work for decades building himself up as one of the leading comics in entertainment. DeRay is always very candid about his experiences navigating the Hollywood machine, but recently he opened up about some traumatic childhood experiences as well.

Currently you can catch DeRay Davis starring in the popular FX series Snowfall as Peaches. Introduced in season 2 he’s been a constant in the John Singleton created show. On the show he plays the faithful driver to the protagonist Franklin Saint. Recently he reveals that he was initially cast in a different role, that of Saint’s uncle Franklin.

“I was cast as another role,” Davis explained of how he got on Snowfall. “I was cast as [Jerome Saint] initially. I filmed the pilot, Louie was played by the lovely Lauren London, one of the strongest people I know. That’s my homie… It’s really crazy about the casting because John Singleton loved Lauren, he loved me, and the chemistry he wanted, I think on-screen – we’re cool ’cause we’re like buddy-buddy, but as far as us being husband and wife, it would’ve taken probably about season three for me to feel comfortable.”

DeRay also recently revealed some terrifying truths from his childhood. At the age of 11, he was taken advantage of by 2 older women in their 30s. Speaking with Vlad TV he opened up about the terrifying experience, and how he lost his innocence before he was ready.

Davis called them two “ugly, horrible-looking women.” He said he was “11 going on 12 and had no hair on me.” He called what happened to him “disgusting.” Davis said that, to this day, it’s difficult for him to engage in oral with his partners because of what the two women did to him as a child. He called the incident a “terrible place to be.” Check out the clip below and the response from some fans via twitter.

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