Despite Selling More Than 74 Million Records, Rapper DMX Estate Is Valued Less Than $50,000 With 15 Kids, According To His Daughters

Rapper DMX tragically died earlier this year, after a life long struggle with addiction. The iconic musician left behind an incredible legacy of hit records, cult classic films and viral interviews that cemented him as one of the most dynamic men in hip-hop. He also left behind a large family, including 15 kids. While many of his famous friend zoomed into insure he had a send off fitting of a rap legend, it appears the real help might been needed now in his absence, since its being speculated that he did leave much behind for his kids despite having several hit songs to his name.

Born Earl Simmons, rapper DMX entered rehab several times throughout his life including in 2002, 2017, and most recently 2019, when he cancelled concerts to seek treatment. His struggle with addiction stemmed from childhood. He was 14 years old when a neighborhood friend tricked him into smoking a laced blunt. X became addicted to crack shortly after.

He also struggled with bipolar disorder and often self medicated to help sort through it. Unfortunately he lost his battle after being found unresponsive on April 2nd. He was initially rushed to the hospital due to a heart attack believed to have been brought on by an OD. New outlets reported him to be unresponsive and then comatose, before family members decided to pull the plug on April 9th.

Present with him at the time was his massive family, including a handful of his 15 kids. Early reports speculated on how the kids would be taken care of in his absence, assuming the rapper was sitting on a nice fortune. According to the New York Daily News this may not be the case.

Via their website : “Hip-hop legend DMX, despite selling more than 74 million albums across a wildly successful career in music and movies, left behind an estate worth less than $1 million — and perhaps less than $50,000, according to court papers.” The site went on to discuss the first court documents filed to become administrators of X’s estate came from two daughters, Sasha Simmons and Jada Oden on May 10th who listed estate worth less than $50K. Three of DMX’s sons – Xavier, Tacoma and Sean Simmons – also filed a ‘dueling’ documents to become administrators of his estate nearly two weeks later, but estimated it under $1 million- which is a huge difference.

While this will prove to be disappointing to the kids, its also speculated that in the wake of his death and with the popularity of his catalog, this money could increase in the coming years.

“But a source familiar with the estate indicted its value could increase dramatically in the years ahead given the popularity and depth of the catalogue left behind by DMX, with rap classics like “Party Up (In Here),” “Slippin’” and “Get At Me Dog.””

His first posthumous release “Hood Blues” dropped today.

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