Detroit Man Wins $30,000 Lottery, Spends $20,000 On Chain, Gets Robbed Immediately

Sometimes when you come into some big earnings, it’s best that you keep quiet about it. Outside of that, it’s also best that you take your earnings and do something wise with it. Such was not the case for a Detroit man who came into some money recently, and lost it within days via a robbery.

These days people are still suffering from the economic downsides of the pandemic. There are those that have been depending on the stimulus checks on top of the unemployment they have been receiving amongst other pandemic benefits. Unemployment benefits have run out for many, leaving some to resort to other forms of acquiring help or money. For a Detroit man identified as Jamal, his help and luck came from a recent lottery win.

Jamal was a winner of the Michigan lottery, walking away with $30,000. Instead of placing the majority of his winnings in savings, or investing, or SOMEHOW using it wisely, he had other immediate plans for it. According to, the man proceeded to take his newfound money and spend two-thirds of it on a brand new chain. Jamal would only get to spend a few days flaunting his $20,000 chain before losing it.

According to news reports, Jamal was at a Mobil gas station near West Warren Avenue and Grand Boulevard when he lived the saying, “easy come, easy go.” Security footage from the gas station shows the man inside the store when three suspects entered. Afterwards, he is outside of the store and is then attacked by the same suspects as seen in the video.

After the struggle, the suspects were able to successfully rob Jamal of his $20,000 chain and escape in a vehicle. The owner of the gas station also told reporters that one of the suspects, who was able to be seen clearly in the footage, appeared to look very similar to a suspect involved in another recent robbery that occurred there. So far, it appears that no arrests have been made as of yet in the case.

Another instance of a Michigan lottery winner who squandered their money is also making news as the man was found dead in the Tittabawassee River over the weekend. Back in June of 2010, Leroy N. Fick, a 69-year-old resident of Auburn, Michigan, was the winner of almost $2 million in Michigan’s “Make Me Rich!” lottery.

According to a report from Michigan local news source M Live, Fick opted to take the lump sum of money, which after taxes amounted to $998,570, and proceeded to build a new house after bulldozing his old one. Fick also purchased a new vehicle and a slew of fireworks.

His time with wealth only lasted a short period of time, as the report states that he spent it all in a manner of two years. Soon he began to live on a fixed income and would also live out a few jail stints for various charges. Sadly, years later on June 5th his body would be discovered in the morning at the river. Officials have not released the cause of his passing, but it’s being reported that they have ruled out suspicious activity.

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