Deyjah Harris Vows To Never Post Her Father T.I. On Social Media Again After Fans Question Her About Disturbing ‘Late Night’ Tweet

The Harris family Dynamic has been scrutinized for about as long as they’ve been famous. Rumors of T.I and Tiny’s extra-martial affairs and open relationship as well as comments T.I has made on his daughter’s ‘purity’ have raised many eyebrows. To make matters worst the family is currently embroiled in a nasty legal dispute stemming from accusations against T.I and Tiny . Clearly things are most hard on the families kids, who thanks to their various reality show endeavors and headlines have been thrusted into the spotlight to answer for their parents.

Deyjah Harris was the daughter at the center of T.I’s now infamous “hymen rant”, where he “shared” that he takes his daughter to the doctor every year since her 16th birthday to have her hymen checked. Tip was appearing on the “Ladies Like Us” podcast and the almost 40-year-old man told the women hosts Nazanin Mandi and Nadia Moham that he does yearly trips with his daughter Deyjah to “check her purity”.

Deyjah was obviously horrified and promptly unfollowed her dad before deactivating her accounts at the time. She discussed the backlash during an episode of their show T.I & Tiny: Family & Friends Hustle. “I just can’t really be around him right now,” Deyjah said to her cousins in the clip. “I’m not saying he’s a bad parent, but when it comes to stuff like this… I’m just going to be more connected mentally and emotionally. I don’t know. I don’t want to say I’m looking at him differently because of this — I don’t know. More so our relationship, I’m going to look at differently.”

T.I tried to do some damage control at the time appearing on Red Table Talk, but unforuntately made matters worst later in the year during an discussion on his podcast ExpediTIously with T.I.. While chatting with 21 Savage he called spending time with his daughter “thot prevention”. “You got to do that! If ya a** don’t do that, her a** gonna be somewhere in Magic City, trying to figure it out,” said T.I. about what happens when fathers don’t set an example. 

Deyjah, who is now back on social media, deleted a tweet recently that unfortunately made her relationship with her famous dad look a little inappropriate. She told a story about her father waking her up at 5am to offer her some juice.

Fans noticed the tweet was no longer public, and asked Deyjah during a Q&A why she deleted the tweet. In response, Deyjah stated, “because instead of people focusing on the main part of the tweet (that it felt like I caught a Charlie horse in my neck… weird but that’s exactly how it felt) they only focused on some damn juice… and then starting making disgusting assumptions.”

See her full response below:

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