Revolt TV and Diddy Under Fire After ‘K*lling’ Legendary 80s Rapper, Biz Markie After Network Shared Fake Reports Of Rapper’s Passing Online

With the rise in social media there has been a rise in false reports. Headlines go up all the time with people getting the information wrong regarding the actual story. Worst are the one’s where someone’s death is reported accidentally. We’ve seen it all the time especially with older celebrities or those with a history of health issues. Earlier this week several outlets reported on rapper Biz Markie stating that he had passed away. Biz has struggled with his health for some time. However family members came forward blasting outlets than ran the story, revealing that Markie is very much alive. One outlet that ran the false story was the Sean “Diddy” Combs owned Revolt TV.

Prior to his untimely passing a few months ago, rapper DMX was the subject of several false reports in his final days. X had been found unresponsive on April 3, 2021. The Yonkers rap legend was in the hospital for several days. During this time, false inaccurate reports kept coming out about his health and if he was in fact still alive. It was not until April 9th that his loved ones made the painful decision to take him off life support. Understandably the false reports throughout that week made it hard for fans to mourn never being sure is he had finally passed or not.

Saaphiry Windsor, famously associated with the VH1 Flavor of Love franchise, was the subject of an account hacking a few days ago where someone reported her dead on her social media. The eerie post was considered even weirder by family and friends who noticed that Windsor had been very active on social media only an hour prior promoting something “SO BIG” was coming that she could not talk about it. The post said that she had been found in her home unresponsive and that she had reportedly passed. Friends were able to get in touch with Windsor who was still very much alive and had not realized that she had been hacked.

Biz Markie is a hip-hop staple with several hits from the 80’s and early 90’s. The beloved rapper is currently under medical care for an undisclosed reason. Unfortunately someone reported that he’d passed, something several sites ran with. While his family confirmed that he is alive, some people feel that the sites that run the story should apologize for causing such an upset amongst his friends and family. Roland Smith addressed the Diddy owned Revolt TV via twitter, saying they had a responsibility to their views to address the mistake and apologies stating that real editorial protocols should be put in place within their company. See his full response below.

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