“We’re Still Waiting On You To Come Out The Closet”: Diddy Accused Of Shooting His Shot At Lil Nas X After Applauding Rapper For Kissing Man On BET, Claims The Rapper Is Fearless

It’s been an interesting world for Lil Nas X since coming out on the last day of Pride Month 2 years ago. Since then Nas has become a beacon for queer audiences, and has taken his new liberated image and persona back to the top of the charts earlier this year with “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)”. Many were posted to their TV’s to last night to see just what he had planned for the BET Awards, and he made sure to deliver.

Lil Nas X has taken his new found hate in stride. The Atlanta native came into the industry in a rough way, being a black musician infiltrating the historically white work of Country Music. His single “Old Town Road” charted on several country charts before it was removed due to him being a “rapper”. The record went on to top just about every chart imaginable when country legend Billy Ray Cyrus decided to jump on a version that made it impossible for country radio to ignore.

Since coming out, Nas has allowed himself and his branding to become decidedly more queer. Donning more dresses, wigs and taking about men in his music. “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” has gotten a lot of flake for its video in particular, which features scenes of him pole dancing and twerking on satan.

With Hip-hop and black cultures storied history of homophobia, it was a wonder BET invited Lil Nas X to perform at all. The rapper made sure to live up to his billing with a Michael Jackson “Remember The Times” inspired set. The Egypt fueled performance ended with Nas sharing a passionate kiss with a male back up dancer. The kiss drew heavy applause from the crowd which included “Pose” star MJ Rodriguez.

One commentator called out Nas for “using african culture” to promo homesexuality. Nas fired back, “Ya’ll really like to pretend homosexuality does not exist in African Culture”. See some more tweet responses below.

One person impressed by Lil Nas X performance overall was Diddy who called the rapper, fearless.

Of course, Diddy support was met with a ton of fans who agreed with the statement, and even more who disagreed – even alleging the producer was ‘closeted’ and ‘shooting his shot’ at Lil Nas X

See responses below:

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