Diddy Dragged After Being Accused Of Praising Kylie Jenner For Being An Inspiration To All Women Of Color

The pandemic led many creatives to think more outside the box in order to regularly entertain their adoring fans and the general public.  Throughout the pandemic, numerous challenges were birthed thanks to social media, and roughly everything went virtual from talk shows to live performances.  It was also during this time where we received online programming like the Swizz Beatz and Timbaland created Verzuz battles

DJ D-Nice kept everyone dancing in their households during “Club Quarantine”, which drew hundreds of thousands, if not millions together.  Entertainment mogul and Bad Boy CEO Sean “Diddy” Combs joined the ranks of many others who wanted to keep the party going as well.

Diddy, who recently has begun to adopt the moniker “Brother Love”, decided to launch the “Team Love Dance-A-Thon”.  The event was broadcast on Instagram Live in an effort to raise money for essential workers on the frontline during the pandemic after Surgeon General Jerome Adams asked influencers to raise awareness.

One of the many celebrities and prominent figures to join in on Diddy’s Dance-A-Thon was Kylie Jenner.  Kylie Jenner, who was reported to be the youngest “self-made” billionaire at 22 years old, had pledged over $1 million towards coronavirus efforts at the time, according to Page Six.  Diddy chose to praise Kylie Jenner’s efforts during the broadcast but made some comments that sent fans into a frenzy.

“Today is about giving love, and I wanna tell you as a hustler — I been a hustler for a long time — your hustle is unmatched,” he said to Kylie Jenner. “I got [two] daughters, and you’re such an inspiration to them and all women of all color.”

Some social media users found an issue in Diddy’s choice of wording, namely labeling Jenner an inspiration to “all women of all color”.  Fans began to drag the mogul after believing he said “all women of color”. 

“Diddy just told Kylie that she’s an inspiration for all women of color….. he been lying all night just to get a dollar,” wrote an irritated social media user.  Another shared “WOC?? she’s born into money she profits off of black culture bye.”

“Did he just say she’s an inspiration to women of color? This man needs to get some sleep now. Too much IG live for him now,” writes another.

However, some chose to defend Jenner as well as Diddy’s statements.  “Please stop trying to make an issue he did not say ‘women of color’ he said ‘All women of ALL COLOR,’” wrote a supporter. Another added, “She’s never tried to be black, and she’s never done anything hateful. She’s a positive influence on young people and has done great things that she doesn’t even put out for everyone to see. You can’t hate on her she’s a beautiful person inside and out.” 

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