Diddy Dragged By Grandmother After Waiting 7 Hours In Line At Charity Event To Receive A Coloring Book: ‘No Gift Card, No Rent Paid’

The pandemic has left a lot of people struggling and with little help from the government as many hunker down, some celebrities have tried to step up. Despite the fact that millions need aid, Diddy tried to help a few in Miami. But it turns out even then the help was hard to find.

Thanks to apps like Cashapp, at least it’s become easier to send and receive money directly, which many were doing over in-person events this year.

Lil Nas X decided to help the fans who drove his hit “Old Town Road” to #1, cementing him as one of the biggest viral acts in the world in history. He tweeted fans, telling them to drop their CashApp tags so that he could send some “money to go get some food then stay inside.”


Taylor Swift’s fans have shared that the star sent some of her “Swifties” $3K in order to help during these rough times, with the good news sending them over the edge and sharing their emotional moments with the rest of the “Swifties” online.

Lastly, hot Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion stepped up her philanthropy during this time. #HottiesAtHome started trending with her efforts. In addition to helping her fans, she also helped healthcare workers – starting another hashtag, #HealthcareHotties, also a nod to her major at Texas Southern University in Healthcare Administration. 

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Megan partnered with Amazon Music to give supplies, money, and Amazon Fire tablets to residents at the Park Manor Skilled Nursing Facility in her native Houston, Texas.

Handing out cash and aid via apps is definitely the smarter way to go. With the virus raging still in large parts of the country, and major cities like L.A.’s hospitals being overrun, many people are still under a stay-at-home order.

During the uprisings that happened around the country, people still seemed to manage to stay safe wearing masks while out on the streets, but Diddy’s catching flack for a seemingly unorganized event – and broken promises. 

More disturbing was the fact that Diddy himself showed up to the event – maskless.

Video from the event also shows that there are tons of people, not particularly organized or social distancing, waiting to receive the promised handouts and more. Now, one of the local residents said that she waited in line 7 hours – and once she got a gift bag, there was nothing in it but a coloring book, crayons and a toothbrush, and not the aid that she desperately needed.

“No gift card; no rent paid… The lady told me if you got a gift bag you need to go,” Latarcia Brown said while talking to local news reporters.

Apparently, people noted that Diddy offered to pay the rent of 175 families. Judging from the monster turnout and the number of people definitely in need right now, there may not have been enough to go around.

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