DJ Mister Cee Reveals His Love For Transgender Women After Years Of Speculation

DJ Mister Cee is legendary for his contributions to the music industry. He’s made waves not only as a DJ for New York radio station Hot97, but also helping to launch the careers of artists such as The Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, and Big Daddy Kane among others. 

However, Mister Cee aka “The Finisher” is also legendary for his interactions with transgenders.  The legendary DJ spent many years defending accusations of his dealings with transgendered until video evidence emerged of one of his transactions. 

It looks as though Mister Cee has come to terms with his lifestyle.  When the New York Daily News reported his scandal, he shared with GQ in 2014 that “he felt like an actual dead person. Literally dead, in the casket, in the coffin.”  But in 2021, he’s showing signs of a new man walking into freedom. 

DJ Mister Cee appeared on rapper Maino’s Kitchen Talk podcast recently.  In a clip shared by OnSite, he acknowledges that his story is “well documented”.  The hosts then ask if he then considers himself to be a gay man after his admission that transgender women are “what he does”.  Mister Cee says that he’s answered the question when he was arrested back in 2011, but for the sake of those who are new to his story he says: “I consider myself ‘try-sexual’ – I’ll try anything.” 

Within the clip, Maino brings up the past instance where Mister Cee was caught on camera trying to negotiate prices with a transgender woman but refers to her as a “dude”.  Mister Cee then takes the moment to educate the Brooklyn rapper in the hopes that social media would not attack him.  Maino seemingly appreciates the correction while confessing to not understanding, to which Mister Cee asks if he “wants to learn from the master”, as he points to himself. 

“If you don’t talk the right terminology, you will have problems,” Mister Cee says.  Maino further presses Mister Cee and asks him to confirm his preference for transgender women.  Mister Cee then offers a passionate “YES!”, doubling down that he’s already made it clear. 

While Mister Cee still faced some criticism for his preference, a great majority shared overwhelming respect for the New York City DJ.  “Gotta respect him. He likes what he likes,” wrote one.  Another agreed “Live your life openly and honestly!!! I respect it!” 

“I bet he sleep good af cuz he ain’t living a lie,” commented another.  One user shared a comment that gained tons of likes on its own.  Please don’t dog this black [man] for stating what makes him feel good. If he like it I love it. Speak yo truth sir,” they wrote in encouragement. 

In conclusion, one Instagram user summed up the sentiment of many who have had knowledge of his history with transgenders.  “Finally Mister Cee is free,” they wrote. 

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