Westchester County Medical Examiner Finally Released Rapper DMX’s Official Cause of Death

Its been a few months now since the passing of iconic rapper and actor DMX. Family, friends and fans have all found different ways to cope with his loss. X had a troubled pass that included addition and other conflicts. Many have waited to find out exactly the reason behind his passing, initially believed to be an O.D. His official cause of passing was revealed this week.

Born Earl Simmons, rapper DMX has struggled with addiction his entire life. He’s entered rehab several times throughout his life including stints in 2002, 2017, and most recently 2019 when he was forced to cancel concerts to seek treatment. He’s also struggled with bipolar disorder and often self medicated to help sort through the low points. Some believe he lost that battle when he was found unresponsive on April 2nd. News outlets reported him to be unresponsive and then comatose. Family members ultimately decided to pull the plug on April 9th.

Family members have been fighting for control over his estate, with fiancé Desiree Lindstrom recently losing the battle in court. Lindstrom had filed documentation as his common law wife, despite her and X only being engaged. This claim was thrown out in court due to her “not have standing to file”. On July 15, a judge is supposed to review documents from X’s children to determine who should be the administrator. His daughters Sasha Simmons and Jada Oden were the first to file documentation for his estate on May 10th. 3 of X’s sons, Xavier, Tacoma and Sean Simmons, also filed nearly 2 weeks later.

There was also some debates as far as how much money X left behind. While his daughters petition list his estate at $50K, his sons estimated it to be someone closer to $1 million. According to the New York Daily News “Hip-hop legend DMX, despite selling more than 74 million albums across a wildly successful career in music and movies, left behind an estate worth less than $1 million — and perhaps less than $50,000, according to court papers.”

While the family struggles to figure out who will run his estate, they can at least find some peace in knowing why he passed. Vulture posted the reason revealing “It was cardiac arrest for a period of time so there was no circulation to the brain.” They elaborated “DMX officially died from a coke-induced heart attack, a source from the Westchester County medical examiner’s office told Vulture.”

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