Does LL Cool J Have A Secret Son? A Man Has Come Forward Claiming He’s The Rapper’s Biological Son

A man claiming to be the hidden son of rapper LL Cool J is coming forward to share his journey. An R&B singer by the name of Love Benji is alleging that the rap icon “silenced” him for years but that he is finally ready for the world to know his story. He follows a long line of people who allege to be connected to celebrities.

Morris Chestnut has spent years dodging rumors about a child he abandoned. The Best Man star was helping a girlfriend raise her child early in his career, believing that it was his. When the greedy woman tried to get him for child support, the court-ordered paternity test revealed he was not the boy’s father. He removed himself from their family but has fielded rumors for years that he was an absentee father. To make matters worst, photos of a young model that look a lot like Chestnut have gone viral over the years, with people believing him to be the song Morris “left.”

Dr. Phil tried to help a woman come to her senses after she claimed to be secretly married to Tyler Perry. According to her, she met the star on Facebook and had been carrying on a relationship for years without ever meeting or video chatting him. She believed to be the mother of his son after being told by the account that her eggs had been harvested to make the baby. According to Dr. Phil, there is no way the woman could have had such a procedure without her knowledge. She also wired “Tyler” over $100k to help “fix his jet” and fund his projects.

Love Benji is an aspiring singer and social media star with a striking resemblance to LL Cool J. He’s aware of this and recently trolled fans with a video “admitting” to being the hidden child of the rap star. According to Benji, Cool J made him sign paperwork and was paying him $200 a month for his silence. He claims LL blocked him on social media and would not connect with him.

He says he did not want to take his story to the blogs but has no other choice.

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