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Doja Cat Channels Her Inner-Beyoncé After Taking Tumble On Stage

Doja Cat just experienced many a performer’s worst nightmare. She’s graced many stages through her career, leaving her blood, sweat, and tears all over the stage. Hard-worker as she is, the “Streets” performer had a major slip-up at her latest show, joining the ranks of Beyonce, Jazmine Sullivan, Brandy, and others who have experienced the same fate, but proved that she’s got all that it takes to bounce right back.

We’re back outside for the most part, and we couldn’t be more thankful. With that, shows are beginning to transition back into the live and in-person showings in lieu of virtual performances. Fans of Doja Cat in Miami and the surrounding areas were blessed with the ability to see Doja in one of her post-pandemic live performances with an in-person crowd. The show was in support of Miami’s Swim Week 2021.

On Saturday night, fans swiftly piled into Miami’s E11even nightclub to get a chance to catch the Los Angeles native give a rousing rendition of her songs. No doubt giving her all, Doja got to the point of her set where it was time to do “Tia Tamera” which features rapper Rico Nasty. It was here, that things went left for a second.

The energy in the building was thick as fans were excited. Soon, the stage was plastered with dollar bills from excited fans who seemed to have thrown them in her direction. A hype Doja Cat listens and encourages on as her fans rap along to Rico Nasty’s vocals, and then begins to jump in her orange stilettos, before slipping and falling.

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Doja took a tumble in front of hundreds of her fans, but no sooner does she get right back to the performance, not missing a beat. The fall was not that graceful, as she slipped right onto her butt, but gracefully leans back as most professional dancers and performers would, and a concerned audience immediately begins to cheer her direction as she follows the mantra that many an entertainer have: the show must go on.

Following the show, Doja must’ve known that the potentially embarrassing moment would probably have reached the Internet before she could blink her eyes or breathe her next breath. Doja, however, chose to take everything in stride (perhaps knowing that she continued to give her fans what they came to see minus the unplanned mishap). As a matter of fact, she had an interesting request for her fans. Taking to social media, the chart-topper wrote, “Somebody send me the video of me falling last night. Post in thread below thank u.”

According to a fan’s account, as told to Page Six, some onlookers thought that it was a part of the act, not knowing that Doja Cat could have possibly been injured. “There were certain people who thought it was part of an act and other people that were, like, ‘oh,’ But she fully owned it,” said the concert-goer. “She literally fell, went on her butt, and then went from her butt to her knees and started swinging her hair around.” 

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The fan also shared that following her tumble, Doja gracefully extended her original set to perform an additional 10 songs for the crowd. The rapper gave the performance the “concert” treatment rather than a mere club appearance. Also in attendance was Ty Dolla $ign.

When fans came across the video, they applauded Doja for her showmanship and commitment to completing her assignment. “Fell like a pro, and made the transition to the floor look like the performance. Bravo,” tweeted a fan. Another wrote, “How tf someone look hot and fine af while falling?” When another fan asked if she was ok and joked that she “fell like a pencil”, Doja reacted that it was hilarious.

Check out more fan reactions below, as well as another angle of the fall. According to Page Six, club staff checked to make sure that the star was ok, and that she was.

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