“Don’t Disrespect My Wife”: Rapper T.I. Blast ‘Black Women’ Mocking Wife’s Body, Calling Her ‘Ms. Piggy’ Says They Got Him Messed Up, Tiny Claps Back

Clifford Harris, widely known as the rapper T.I., can take questions, comments, concerns, and criticism when it comes to him.  When it comes to his family, they have nothing to worry about as he is never shy of defending any and everyone that falls into the category, especially his wife and children.  

The Atlanta native has come under fire for comments he’s made about his daughter concerning her virginity, a matter that most would consider remaining private. Fans slammed the rapper in defense of his daughter, Deyjah.  An embarrassing moment indeed for his daughter, she responded to her father’s comments, as reported by The Sun.  “This situation is just a little traumatizing for me,” she said tearfully. “I need more time to figure out what I want to say, but things are completely awkward and uncomfortable between me and my Dad. Prior to all of this happening, our relationship was pretty decent, but after all of this, it’s changed, honestly.”

After the embarrassment hit close to home and coming under the pressure from fans, T.I. appeared on Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk to address the comments, where he states that it initially stemmed from a conversation “in a joking matter” about modern parenting.  He then began to apologize, saying, “from a place of truth, I began to embellish and exaggerate and I think a lot of people took it extremely literal,” he confessed. “I am incredibly apologetic to her for that. Not to any of these other strangers, or any other weirdos who just tossed lies around for fun.”

However, his wife, Xscape member Tameka “Tiny” Harris, seems to be the victim of much bullying via body shaming from fans, and media personalities alike.  Unlike children who in most cases cannot (and shouldn’t have to) defend themselves against online bullying, Tiny definitely can hold her own, as proven.  A common name meant to insult the “Who Can I Run To” singer is the term “Miss Piggy” in reference to the popular muppet character. 

Several years ago, Claudia Jordan, a co-host on Jamie Foxx’s Foxxhole Sirius XM radio show at the time, made disparaging comments about Harris including the same term, as well as jokes about her having down syndrome, and being “unattractive”.  

“Is anybody else concerned about the fact that he’s willing to pay 3 million dollars just to be in a house alone with Tiny,” Jordan said. “I’m just saying….she escaped the pretty line…..I wouldn’t know whether to lube up or put a nickel in her back…. None of y’all would (bleep) her, be honest. At least not from the front.”  

Jordan would later issue an apology to Tiny while on the Ricky Smiley Morning Show, taking to Twitter to admit that she had “butterflies in her stomach about this apology” but admits that it was rightfully deserved.  The apology, however, wouldn’t be accepted by Tiny.  “I saved that h** from her face falling off! Passed around s***! Sound like she mad I got a man and she can’t keep one,” she wrote in response to a fan who brought it to her attention on Twitter.

The “Miss Piggy” comparisons as well as other body shame-filled insults would only continue by fans via social media comments under pictures posted by either Tiny or T.I.  After numerous remarks by fans like “”She looks horrible. I said what I said,” and, “Her butt looks crazy just go fix it,” were directed towards his wife, the rapper, who had enough, decided to speak up in his wife’s defense.  

“Ok, maybe this is a teachable moment… What do y’all really hope to achieve by coming on my page speaking ill of my wife under a picture of my family???” T.I. began a lengthy caption under a photograph of himself and Tiny walking with their youngest daughter.  ”WTF make y’all think I’m just gon let y’all Try ME & MINES???”

He continued, “I’m showing restraint because y’all are young black women and IM TRYING MY BEST to respect you and uplift you like you ALL DESERVE. But YALL GOT ME F’ED UP SHAWTY… Be out here shaped like a whole 2liter Peach Faygo and got the nerve to make critical, disrepectful comments about MINES?!?! I obviously love it and have loved it for over 18yrs now… IF YOU HAD A MAN WHO LOVED YOU AS MUCH AS I LOVE HER I doubt you’d be miserable enough to leave such hateful comments.” The “ATL” star then concluded the message, “Let’s not have this discussion again… Now Get a Life witcha goofy a**es.”

Tiny has also expressed her frustration with being the constant victim of these insults, addressing it on an Instagram live video.   “Ya mama a pig. I don’t know why ya’ll come over here with that pig [stuff], like Miss Piggy, she paid like a MF and she was the rich b**** with all the jewelry….and she had the man… Spare me with the BS.”

Check out her response video below:

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