Dr. Dre Officially A Divorced Man, But Ex-Wife Is Still Fighting For Half Of His $800M Fortune She Claims Is Hers

Dr. Dre is a single man officially after a months long nasty divorce has dominated the moguls headlines. Dre and his now ex-wife Nicole Young have been embroiled in a nasty split that has seen the two play incredibly dirty as they both scramble to leave the union with as much as possible. While the Dr. is official single on paper, the war for his estate does rage on, as Young is still looking to collect some of his fortune when the dust finally settles.

The divorce was always going to be messy since the couple have been surrounded by rumors of abuse, infidelity and domestic violence. The couple first filed for divorce last June. Dre has reportedly been paying $2 million in temporary spousal support, on top of the additional $293,306 a month he was floating Young.

Young confessed that she felt Dre may have fathered children with other women during their 24 year marriage. She also felt he’d been supporting other women and financing their lifestyles. The three women, Jillian Speer, Kili Anderson, and Crystal Rogers (aka Crystal Sierra) — have been fighting to stay out of the nasty divorce case, but Young is determined to loop them in to help her case.

She was hoping to have the prenup she signed rendered invalid, insuring she walks away with the most possible money following the divorce settlement. It was initially reported that she and Dre had not signed a prenuptial agreement, but she later confessed that he had actually tore up the document, rendering it null and void.

During the fight over his fortune, Dre was hospitalized with a brain aneurism. While he did recover, the mounting lawyer fees and medical bills did seem like they were beginning to take a toll on him.

Now there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. According to the legal documents, the ex-couple agreed to legally end their marriage on April 15, 2021. Now the true fight to find out how much Young walks away with begins.

The couple is still attempting to divide their massive 800 million dollar fortune — with Dr. Dre saying she gets nothing, and Nicole requesting half of the money.

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