Dr Dre’s Eldest Daughter, Mother Of Four In Need Of Money and Support, Claims She’s Homeless Living Out Of A Rental Car

Dr. Dre’s family woes seem to keep growing. The iconic hip-hop producer continues to have to hand over money following his explosive divorce. Nicole Young has managed to score big in the settlement, with Dre now responsible for funding her lifestyle for the rest of the foreseeable future. Someone else hoping to cash in on his massive fortune, Dre eldest daughter LaTanya Young. LaTanya says she’s on the verge of being homeless and is hoping dad can come help her out.

Dre’s divorce has been pretty messy and all over the news. He was fighting against ex-wife Nicole Young and trying not to pay the insane 6 figure spousal support she was requesting. Young fought back claiming she felt like Dre has been unfaithful in addition to being abusive, and that he was responsible for her lifestyle and lively hood. In the end she won and was awarded $300,000 per month as part of their divorce settlement. While that figure sounds like a lot, initially Young was requesting $2 million a month.

LaTanya is a single mother of 4 and Dr. Dre’s oldest daughter. Her mother is Lisa Johnson. Lisa and Dre split when LaTanya was only 5 years old. LaTanya and her dad seem to have been estranged for some time now, with her claiming that she has not made direct contact with him in over 18 years and only speaks to him through his team.

While she claims he has helped her in the past, apparently he stopped assisting her in January after finding out that she had been speaking about him to the press.

She spoke with Page Six recently, opening up about her struggles and the odd jobs she’s had to take on to make ends meet. LaTanya is 38 and a mother of 4. She says her kids are currently living with friends while she made the move from Las Vegas to Los Angeles in a rental car to find work. She is currently doing deliveries for Doordash and Grubhub and living out of a rental vehicle that she is paying $2,300 for every 3 weeks.

LaTanya says she’s embarrassed, especially considering the amount of money just rewarded to Nicole while her mother got nothing following her split from Dre.

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