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Dr. Dre’s Wife Nicole Young Reveals She Owns Rapper’s Name and ‘Chronic Album’ In Massive Lawsuit, Suggest She’s Co-Owner Of Both ‘Valuable’ Trademarks With The Producer

Dr. Dre’s divorce from his attorney wife Nicole Young has continued to get more visibly messy and contentious, despite the length of their relationship and the children that are watching this play out in the press. Now, it seems as if Dre’s attorney, soon-to-be ex-wife is pulling some moves of her own, finally.

Recently, the pair were in the press because it was alleged that their pre-nuptial agreement may be null and void, a fact which would complicate Dre’s case extensively.

“I was extremely reluctant, resistant and afraid to sign the agreement and felt backed into a corner. Given the extraordinary pressure and intimidation by Andre, I was left with no option but to hire a lawyer (of course, with the help of Andre’s team of professionals) and unwillingly signed the agreement very shortly before our marriage,” she previsouly said. She also claims that Dre tore it up a few years into their relationship – making it null and void.

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“Andre acknowledged to me that he felt ashamed he had pressured me into signing a premarital agreement and he tore up multiple copies of the agreement in front of me. Since the day he tore up the agreements, we both understood that there was no premarital agreement, and that it was null and void.”

The came news of the tremendous amount that she was seeking per month. Young then explained in detail why she needed $2 million a month from Dre, including but not limited to $10K for cleaning and laundry, $135K for clothes, and over $900K for entertainment. TMZ is reporting all told, the actual amount is $2.53 million dollars – and she wants him to cover her attorney fees to the tune of $5 million dollars.

As the divorce continues to unfold, it seems as if Mrs. Young is using her legal experience to try and embarrass her husband the best way that she can – through court documents. With recent filings, we’re beginning to paint a bigger picture of just how contentious this divorce may end up being, for both parties.

Now, her lawyers are filing new suits against Dre, claiming that in addition to their divorce proceedings, he’s also been making moves behind the scenes that infringe upon her rights as well.

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Nicole Young claims that due to the “community property” laws in the State of California, she co-owns the trademarks to Andre Young’s stage name, “Dr. Dre,” and also the trademark to the iconic album The Chronic – since Dre registered them in 1997. The couple married May 25, 1996.

Her lawyers claim that Dre tried to hide this fact by moving the assets without her knowledge. Apparently, Dr. Dre was caught “caught secretly transferring valuable trademarks he owned with his wife… to a newly created asset holding company that he created and controlled after he expelled his wife from their home, and before he threatened to file divorce.”

“Andre’s transparent and reprehensible scheme to transfer these assets away, without Nicole’s knowledge or consent, so he could retain more for himself in a divorce from his wife of 24 years, and the mother of his three children, is an epic failure and reveals the true nature of his character, or lack thereof.”

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