Eva Marcille Reveals New Smile, Gets Roasted On Twitter

There’s something different about America’s Next Top Model’s season 3 winner and former Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star, Eva Marcille.  The reality star recently debuted a new smile to the world via her social media, and it’s giving her fans much to talk about. 

Last month, Marcile shared a candid post with her Instagram followers of her in the dentist’s chair, getting what seems to be a cosmetic procedure.  “So I’m about to go under. I would not go under unless God was taking me outside of Dr. Khan,” she states in the video. “He literally the best of the best in every way possible. Dr. Austin captaining this ship.  I’m getting a little emo. It’s not the drugs. It’s like the beginning of the end of a really, really big battle and journey, and like we literally did it.” 

Her posts to follow would show what fans are speculating to be a brand-new set of teeth, and it seems to be garnering mixed reviews from her adoring fans.  Take for instance a recent video that she posted on her Instagram page as she’s promoting her self-care regimen. 

“Happy Thursday, so from job to self-care, to job to meeting, to self-care to kids, to cocktail to job,” Marcille shares in the clip. “All right, I gotta go.”  A good amount of fans who commented under the clip chose to highlight the smile, which some deemed “distracting.” 

“Now I’m BLIND cuz of these damn TEETH,” commented a fan.  Another wrote, “Teeth great……with that said. The old was the same.” 

Other commenters followed suit with comments that the Ricky Smiley Morning Show co-host had “fake teeth” and that she “already had perfect teeth.”  Marcille has not confirmed whether she has had a procedure to have veneers. 

Eva, a mother of three, has not shared whether she has had any cosmetic procedures in the past, but it was believed that she is all natural.  However, Marcille recently revealed on The Undressing Room Podcast that following her win on America’s Next Top Model, former judge Janice Dickinson told her that she should take her winnings and get plastic surgery. 

“When I won Top Model, the first thing I was told outside of Tyra [Banks] ‘Congratulations,’ Janice Dickinson said, ‘Now you can take your money and get your nose fixed,’” Marcille alleged. “I didn’t know my nose was broken. I didn’t know there was anything wrong with it.” 

She then shared that Dickinson’s criticism of her physical appearance would not be the last time, as that topic of conversation would follow her throughout her career. 

“This is the same nose, same big lips, same everything,” she said. “But my point is, people always have something to say, especially when you’re in the light. There’s always something that someone’s going to have to say about you. The question is, at what point do you stop listening to the world and start listening to yourself?”  

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