Ex NBA Player Lamar Odom Split From Fiancé Sabrina Parr Turns Messy

Former NBA player Lamar Odom has been an Olympian, but it seems he’s unable to wrestle back control of his social media accounts from his former fiancée. The lockdowns have seen a lot of relationships not make it over the hump, and Odom’s engagement to Sabrina Parr has ended in misplaced passwords, it seems.

Odom’s problems off and on the court have been documented well over the years, with the height of his infamy coming during the years that he was dating Khloe Kardashian, among other things. NBA player’s lives can be complicated the more successful they become, and Lamar Odom is a textbook case of such.

Parr seems to have realized that it wasn’t in her best interests to be married to Odom. Other pro ballers have shared that it can be hard to date athletes of their stature and even Shaquille O’Neal has said that he doesn’t want his own daughters to date a man like him. He also showed why they shouldn’t recently.

Reality TV star Moniece Slaughter appeared on The Domenick Nati Radio Show and dragged Shaq through the blogs. Apparently the two had dated and on a prior appearance on the show, Slaughter dished – and Shaq was mad.

“You know what’s crazy? I hadn’t spoken to him in forever and he texted to go kill myself. I think what happened was a lot of his current hookers was upset and he tried to prove himself, like….ugh!”

Shaq has his own daughters that are in the spotlight and growing up. It’s probably a given that he’d not allow any of their boyfriends to tell them to “go kill” themselves. 

The star sat down with US Weekly and the topic of his own teenage daughters and their dating lives came up.

If Shaq has his way, won’t be any dating until they accomplish their own goals, first.

“In a perfect world, I’d like them to have a bachelor’s [and] master’s going into their own field where they can own their own company. They won’t need anybody,” he said.

When asked about them possibly dating NBA stars like himself, Shaq said “Yeah, probably not.”

Prone to problems, Parr herself had already broken up with Odom before, sharing that he was struggling with some personal issues that were affecting them both.

“Y’all know I’m honest and transparent so I have to be the first to let you guys know that I am no longer engaged to Lamar,” Sabrina Parr previously on Instagram.

“Lamar has some things that he alone needs to work through,” Parr said. She added, “I love him dearly but I am no longer able to be by his side while he seeks the help he so desperately needs.”

Though the pair have been off and on for weeks, it seems as if this time the split has become permanent – since Odom is claiming that he’s locked out of some of his social media accounts because of ex Parr.

“What’s up good people. I’ve been working hard to build my brand and a new team. Unfortunately, my social media platforms are being held hostage by my ex and we are working hard to recover my passwords for IG and Twitter. If any of y’all know someone who can get it reset for me hit my brand managers DM ASAP.”

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